Hit & Run

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It seemed like the game wasn’t going to end, but the Rockies got it done in the bottom of the 13th inning. It was a madcap game right from the start, with the Rockies scoring early off super-pitcher Jake Peavey. But the Padres were quickly back in it after an Adrian Gonzalez-grand slam. Tied 6-6, Scott Hairston hit a 2-run HR in the top of the 13th, but since Trevor Hoffman has never in his life closed out a big game, the Rockies were able to rally and score three runs in the bottom of the 13th, to win it 9-8. A few more pics, after the jump.

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The bloody chin that won it all

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Tom Brady was his usual dreamboat self in the Patriots’ 34-13 victory over the Bengals at Cincinnati. He threw for three TD passes, and looked fantastic while doing it. I’m assuming that’s not the only thing that happened, but I was a bit busy watching the baseball game.
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Over in the NBA, Kobe played nice at the Lakers’ media day. Like anyone expected him to do otherwise. “Whatever management decides to do, my role is to get the best out of this team,” Bryant said. “I’m a soldier. It’s not my decision to say whether we should fight the war.” Yeah, I’m not touching that quote. They begin training came in Hawaii today. Lucky bastards.

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Scott Blowenweiss Schoewenweiss received six shipments of steroids in 2003-04, while with the White Sox, ESPN reported. How many times do we have to go through this? If you’re going to buy steroids, you have them shipped to someone else! And perhaps some PEDs would’ve helped Schowenweiss this season.

Finally, earlier today, the Mets front office sent out the most contrite piece of bullshit I’ve ever read, and the Jezebels took it and ran, featuring it as Crap Email From a Dude. Totally agree.

14 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. Peavy! Peavy! Peavy? What happened to my Peavy?

    Rocky dude’s eyes in that top picture frighten me. And Matt Holliday is still totally woozy in that picture- he looks like he’s high.

  2. Uh…I just happen to be visiting a freind in Denver on Saturday from Philadelphia. And it also happens that their playoff tickets were 23 bucks a pop. God loves me and the Phillies!

    I felt awful for SD though when it became apparent he was nowhere near that bag.

  3. TG: if you can’t win the game, you don’t get a pic!

    I’m just kidding. But seriously, he’s another one – has he ever won a big game?

  4. Gahhhhh, how about you show the mother flipping picture where he doesn’t touch the plate! No congrats to them. Still pissed. No words.

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