Pink Effing Locker Room

What a weekend for College Football. There were 8 (EIGHT!) Top 25 losses, with only one of those not being an upset (Oregon-Cal). There were two other games that came right down to the wire (Wisc-MSU, USC-Washington). There was also a rather embarrassing display by the Big Ten (Ill over PSU, Indiana over Iowa, NW almost beating Mich); the Big Ten well and truly sucks balls this year. A couple of Ladies’ teams had their bye weeks, another Lady was out of town, still other Ladies have baseball to concentrate on right now. And I just sit over in the corner of Ladies Headquarters…in my Iowa jersey, cuddling my Scott Rolen doll, crying and eating Chunky Monkey. (Edited to add: Metschick is here with me.) On to our thoughts…..

Metschick: Okay, okay, I get it football gods – I shouldn’t have been mocking Louisville these past two weeks. (And gleefully reveling in West Fucking Virginia’s loss to South Florida.) This was a game that the Scarlet Knights needed to have, since their next week’s opponents are the Cincinnati Bearcats, an underrated good team. Lucky for me, I didn’t watch this game, as I had a prior commitment that kept me away from the television. So I don’t know exactly what happened except that RU didn’t score enough points and allowed too many. Also lucky for me – a night of drinking lies ahead. Behold, the mighty Terrapin:

SA: Yet another frustrating game from Michigan as they beat Northwestern 28-16. The third team the Wolverines have faced running the spread, it took until the second half (against a team that lost to Duke!!!) for the defense to make a stop. Both Chad Henne and Ryan Mallett played, although it was obvious that Henne is the leader and better quaterback right now for the team as he was 18-27 for 193 yards and three touchdowns to Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, and Carson Butler. Mike Hart got his usual 100 yards (106 to be exact) and a TD. Both Henne and Hart had career days, as Hart become the second leading rusher in Michigan history and Henne now has the career passing TD record. I’m almost glad that I didn’t get to see it. Almost.

Texas Gal: Kansas State is our freakin’ Waterloo. I only have this to say:

J-money: Wake Forest was off, giving them an extra week to prepare for The Juggernaut That Is Duke, aka The Snarky Comment That Will Come Back To Haunt Me Like a 2-4 Ghost If They Win Next Week. Instead, I spent Friday night watching the University of South Florida soundly wallop the West Virginia Mountaineers 21-13. Congratulations, USF Bulls! You have now become West Virginia’s sworn enemy, narrowly edging out rickets, progress, and literacy.

Andrea: Iowa looked ridiculous yesterday. Disgraceful. So instead: I spent the entire day at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was awesome. So many football games, so many baseball games. Sensory overload. If you like spicy food and haven’t tried the Mango Habanero wing sauce, you are missing out. Much like myself, it is a delicious combination of spice and sweetness. They’ve also started carrying Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale on tap. Big thumbs up on that too.

10 thoughts on “Pink Effing Locker Room

  1. RU didn’t score enough points and allowed too many. Metschick, that’s fucking brilliant, and I’m serious. You should replace Lou Holtz as an analyst on ESPN.

    I watched the game. It was a pathetic spectacle (Usually I reserve that phrase for my Devils). I don’t think ray Rice was even there. Dont try to tell me that he had stats from that game.

  2. Pam – I didn’t even try to read anything about it, because I was too crazed over the Mets. And besides, isn’t that always the case when a team loses – you allowed the other team to score too often, and didn’t score often enough yourself.

    But I did look at the stats and was surprised to see that Teel had 310 yards, and that Rice had 97 yards. So what did they do with that?

    Saturday’s gonna be very interesting.

  3. Metsy, I worked most of the day Saturday, so I didn’t know about Rutgers loss until Sunday, right around the same time the Mets lost. The first words out of my mouth: “Poor Metschick.”

  4. Texy, please tell me your boys at least wore the Wildcats out, because my 4-0 Jayhawks get them next. And, oh, look! Our pocket-sized QB is from Austin! How cute!

  5. So my hopes of an undefeated Sooner/Longhorns showdown is no more…damnit. So long as Florida beats the crap out of LSU this weekend, I will be happy.

    Oh and BWW’s is definitely not a midwestern thing. We have them here in Georgia…and not in Oklahoma…go figure…

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