Hit & Run: Celebration Times Three

Today ain’t any normal Monday, and this ain’t gonna be your normal Hit & Run- because we have some serious celebratin’ to do. Perhaps you haven’t heard- but the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies all clinched their division titles over the weekend… and as you might expect, GordonShumway, Clare and I are a tad bit excited about that.

OK, we’re freakin’ ecstatic. We’re bouncing off the walls, rally towel waving, champagne swigging, hugging random strangers, put an empty Bud Light case on our head and dance around in our underwear ECSTATIC. And we’re triple tag-teaming this H&R to share a little bit of our excitement with you.

And, of course, I’ve gathered together plenty of pictures of celebratory ballplayers covered in champagne after the jump…


On Sunday night, Clare went to bed a very happy girl.

And some Philly celebrations:



Thanks to Barrett
for pissing Zambrano off
turned season around

Cubs fans don’t have jobs
but we have Soriano
and that’s plenty good

Sweet Lou lead us all
to the promised land where there’s
no more billy goat

Cubs clinch Division
How do you like them apples
mister Steve Bartman?

And some Cubby celebrations:


BOSTON RED SOX – GordonShumway

Because a picture is worth 1,000 squees, all I can say is “Let the playoffs begin!”

I am Retarded.

That’s literally all I can say because unfortunately, shouting “F the Angels” makes me sound like I’m less “baseball fan” and more “threat to myself and others”.

Yes, this is seriously how I watch Red Sox games, which explains why Curt and I are usually alone. Inside the glove is a David Ortiz home run baseball from the Cubs-Sox series in the summer of ’05. A number of other items, including a Wade Boggs Starting Lineup figure and a World Series program will all be arranged around the television in a configuration too complicated to mention here.

I’ll be OK. I promise. Go Sox.

And some Fenway celebrations:

And since this is a Texas Gal post, you know that I have to include a bonus yummy picture of nutty, crazy, barely clothed Jonathan Papelbon:

And to console our own Metschick, I’m gonna post a picture of the scrumptious Osi Umenyiora, who recorded SIX sacks yesterday for the NY Giants (and I know Metsy happens to find him very hot indeed, so I’m hoping this will cheer her up a bit).

39 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Celebration Times Three

  1. I have watched Burrell tackle Meyers about 50 times now and it never gets old. Those hats are so bad-ass as well. I think I’m still in shock, but GO PHILS!

    And that picture of Papelbon is hysterical.

  2. YEEEAAAAHHH!!! Hearing Harry Kalas proclaim us the champions brought tears to my eyes…which my brother then mocked me for all day.

  3. Go Phillies!!! I was at the game and it was by far the most intense sports experience of my life. People were honking their horns and waving rally towels all the way down 95. Hell yea!

  4. oh johnny pap.
    I’ve never been happier than to see my boys soaking eachother screaming with joy. it brought a tear to the eye. for reals.

  5. Go Phillies! I say this with trepidation, however, as I once had a boyfriend who promised to propose when the Phillies won the Series. Hmmm. I wonder if he’ll pop up suddenly willing to make a commitment in about a month?

  6. I was at the Phils game as well and it was one of the most incredible games I’ve ever been too. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. I’m so glad I experienced it and am so happy for the Phils!!! I sat out in centerfield for this game and we had a “RE-SIGN ROWAND” chant going a couple of times. Rowand heard us the second time and I think he appreciated it very much!

  7. For a second there I thought you said “resign” and I was wondering why you would want a player on your team to quit right before going into the playoffs. I mean, I could see the Red Sox chanting it at J.D. Drew, but Rowand?

  8. Considering JD Drew’s red-hot bat and outstanding hustle (not to mention the fact that his kid has been horrifically sick all season), I don’t think he’s in danger of any chants anytime soon.

    And if the Phillies don’t keep Rowand, I will cry and throw things.

  9. i’m still speechless.

    I was in Florida all this past week so I had to rely on text messages, phone calls, fellow fans who saw me wearing my Phillies bucket hat and/or my tshirt (gotta represent), and ESPN to get my scores. We were flying home during the game on Sunday, and on our way into PHL we flew over the ballpark, and saw the sea of rally towels spinning. I got chills, seriously. I didn’t know the score yet, but I knew it was good. As soon as we landed, some of the other travelers turned on their cell phones to get the score and such. At that point the latest info was 3-0 Phillies, then 3-1. By the time we got off the plane, it was 5-1. We walked up the jetway and lo and behold, there across the hall, was a bar, playing the game on no fewer than six television screens. The sixth inning had just ended. My sister and I looked at our mom and said “YEAH, we’re not leaving till this game is over.”

    We sat and had a drink and watched the last three innings…and it was a thing of beauty. I had to fight back tears when Myers threw that final pitch. I think I’m still in a little bit of shock, but it’s absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of my boys, no matter how annoyed and angry they may make me at times.

    Good Lord, this is a long entry. I’m sorry. I just…GO PHILLIES.

    Texy…don’t even…Aaron leaving…I won’t stand for it.

  10. Texy, not only has Drew’s son had surgery and only recently come out of a full body cast, but his wife is now eight months pregnant.

    Wouldn’t it ironic if the new baby was born right after the world series!? Then they could name it after one of the players! Well… JD’s Jonathan David, his son (the one who’s, uh, born as of now) is called Jack David… what if they named it after Beckett and Ortiz? Josh David? (Wow, that came out of nowhere…)

  11. Oh no I meant RE-SIGN as in give Aaron Rowand a new contract in Philly. No way did I mean resign. I will be devasted if they don’t sign him!! He’s the best.

  12. I was at all 3 Phil’s games this weekend! Friday and Sunday were by far the greatest days of my life!! I took a million pictures. How the hell do i show them to you guys?? GO PHIL’S!!!!!!!!
    And i second that! Re-sign Rowand!! You can tell he wants to stay here!!

  13. You guys were all fighting back tears yesterday, meanwhile I was crying my eyes out like a baby…

    They fought so hard for this. “We are the team to beat.” Also, maybe some of you noticed… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Burrell run as fast as when he charged the mound after Myers’ last pitch. Just an observation…

    GO FIGHTIN PHILS! (soon to be) WORLD CHAMPS 07!


  14. Texy, have you decided where you’re going to watch the games? I haven’t decided if I will be too nutty for public consumption, or if I want to be with my fellow fans in Wrigleyville.

  15. Uh- yeah… about that. I’m going to Philly for the Wed & Thursday games, Fenway to watch Boston play on Friday, then I’m going to Wrigley to see the Cubs play on Saturday. It’s also entirely possible I will then go to CA and watch the Sox in LA on Sunday… would’ve been nice to see the Phils in SD, too. DAMN YOU HOME PLATE UMP AND YOUR BAD CALL!

    I have already made my Philly friends promise to go from the game on Wed immediately to a bar (any bar) so I can watch Sox & Cubs on Wed night.

  16. Seriously, Texy, how do you get these tickets?

    To say I’m jealous would be the understatement of the year, although I’m sure there’s a lot to be said for unemployment and poverty too. It’s just that most of it involves profanity and crying.

  17. It must be tough having all three of your teams in the playoffs. :) Well, have so much fun. There is an outside chance that I might get a ticket to Wrigley. Of course, if one of your tickets on Saturday opens up, and you need a like minded soul to join you, you can always call me.

  18. That’s pretty much amazing.

    I WANT ONE! *goes to Kohl’s*

    (no, I didn’t spell it “COLE’S” at first…stop looking at me like that, I didn’t…really, stop it…)

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