Goodbye, Mets, Goodbye

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This post isn’t going to feature any cute guys, or furry anipals or anything else. It’s just a Mets fan trying to understand what happened. Actually no – I know exactly what happened. The Mets choked. It’s as simple as that. The bullpen just flat out imploded in the last 3 weeks. The offense tried to save them in some games, but it wasn’t enough. You can also blame Tom Glavine, if you’re so inclined. But you know what? This shouldn’t have even come down to the last game. It should’ve been wrapped up, and the team simply couldn’t get it done.

I refuse to say that the Phillies wanted it more or any other such cliche. I looked at those guys play for 162 games, and you could see it on their faces. They cared. They also wondered what the hell was happening. In a way, this isn’t as bad as last year, because even though we had a hold on first place for most of the year, you could tell this team just wasn’t as good as last year’s. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, because of course it does. No one wants to be that team, the one that fritters away a 7-game lead with 17 games left to play. But it happened, there’s nothing you can do about that but accept it now. And besides, I’ve been a Mets fan for 10 years – what more fitting way to celebrate my 10-year anniversary than by the Mets’ royally fucking this up? It’s their way.

Maybe it seems that I’m not too torn up over this. I am. Like I said above, it sucks. But after watching this team play godawful baseball when it mattered the most, I was resigned to this. I think I’ve been accepting this a little more every day during the past few weeks. So, I’ll take with me the good things that happened this season – um, I’ll probably think of some later, after I wash the bad taste out of my mouth – and just enjoy the postseason, like a good little baseball fan. Because after 10 years, I know this as well as anyone else – “wait till next year!”

Congrats to the Phillies and their fans (and our very own Clare). On to the postseason – and may the best team win.

24 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mets, Goodbye

  1. My condolences Metsy. Hey, at least your team had the chance to choke, my Reds have sucked consistently for the last few years.

  2. Fuck.

    Yay for the Phillies avenging the 1964 pennant collapse 40+ years later (yes, sarcasm), but seriously, fuck — what a fucking mess.

  3. Hard to believe they managed to lose so many games the last two weeks!

    Yeah, seriously. This is why I don’t feel worse. I’ve been bracing myself for this for the past two weeks.


    But still – fuck.

  4. “Hard to believe they managed to lose so many games the last two weeks!”

    “Yeah, seriously. This is why I don’t feel worse. I’ve been bracing myself for this for the past two weeks.”

    I did the reverse jinx thing (no, nothing kinky) when they kept losing, and obviously it didn’t do any fricking good.

  5. Cameron: Clare will be posting a celebratory Phillies post later tonight, or sometime tomorrow.

    Congrats to the Phillies fans, who have had even worse luck than Mets fans in their franchise history.

  6. TG: that’s the bad thing – I drank too much last night, and woke up hungover as hell. I wasn’t even able to eat till 8 pm. That assured that I wouldn’t be drinking anymore today. I’ll have to get through this one sober.

  7. I’ve been a Mets fan for 25 years (yes, I started paying attention to them when I was 8). Without a doubt this is the worst season I can remember due to this monumental collapse. Ahead by 7 games with 17 to go, and we lose 12 of 17 to choke of epic proportions? I blame Will for his presence at the Mets-Cards make-up game, which the Cards won.

  8. Without a doubt this is the worst season I can remember due to this monumental collapse.

    Shhhh! Must not let them know how much it really hurts! (and I really do think last year hurt more. The Mets won 97 games, were in command all year, and were one extra base hit away from the World Series, and then Beltran watched that curveball fall in for a strike to end the season – PAIN!)

  9. I’m a Phillies fan Metschick, but I really do feel bad for you guys today. I know that pit in your stomach heartbreak too well :cough cough Eagles cough:

  10. Juancho – I’m already there. Beat the Yanks!! (My Yankee fan cousin called me last night to tell me that “honey, not all NY teams can be like the Yankees, you can join the bandwagon if you like, and come celebrate with us.” Grr. He should’ve just let me be, but no, he had to go and poke-poke-poke at me. That pisses me off.)

  11. I like the way your cousin thinks! Let’s go Yankees!
    just kidding, I hate the red sux more than u can hate the Yanks

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