Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Hoooo boy.  The National League is gettin’ exciting.  I realize that, at last count, the last 26 Hit n Runs have been about the playoff races but these are really getting down to the wire.  Let’s chase the sun and start with the NL East.

Atlanta Braves Hottie Chipper Jones (I’m sure somebody thinks he’s hot) is now a revered man in Philly and a hated man in New York.  His throwing error let Philly put 3 runs on the board and the Nationals took care of business at Shea, led by Ryan Church’s home run and 4 RBIs.  The Phillies are now 1 game out of first place.

Moving to the flyover states, the Florida Marlins got things done, downing the Cubs 7-4.  The Brewers could not capitalize, however, losing 7-3 to my Redbirds.  As was pointed out by Chris Russell, the only thing left to cheer for this season is for Cardinals Hottie Albert Pujols to keep up his unprecedented pace of going .300, 30 HRs, 100 Runs and 100 RBIs in each of his first 6 seasons.  This year, he’s going for the 7th straight season and has HRs and BA covered.  Last night, he got 1 RBI to clinch the 100 RBIs, but he got 3 runs to put him at 96 for the season.  We have 4 more games for him to get 4 more runs scored.  Here’s hoping, Albert.

Packin’ up our bags and heading out West, we have the most interesting race of all.  The Arizona Dbacks dropped their fourth game in a row, while the Padres have won their last 2 and the Rockies have won their last 10.  That’s right:  TEN IN A ROW to get right back in the thick of things.  The Padres are 1/2 a game out and the Rockies are 1.5 games out.  In honor of the Rockies amazing comeback, here’s pitcher Rockies Hottie Josh Fogg, who pitched in the win the other night.

All this and the Padres, Phillies and Rockies are in a dog fight for the Wild Card.  The 4-game series that starts tomorrow between the Padres and Brewers is HUGE.  Hopefully Rookie of the Year hopeful Ryan Braun can pull it off for the Brew Crew because I would really enjoy for them to represent the NL Central, since St. Louis cannot.

Wooooo, magic.

28 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. I want to meet these people who think Chipper is hot, cause I dont believe it otherwise! But yay for his throwing error *pom poms*

    I find it impossible to keep up with all this NL stuff thats going on, all I can say is that my heart constantly feels like its beating super fast and everytime I turn on the game, I have to squint out of one eye.

  2. Cameron, these days, I watch games curled into the fetal position in the corner of my couch with a dish towel to worry and cover my face with (a la Schilling in the ’93 NLCS).

    Who am I kidding, I watch most Phillies games like that. The rally towels they’ve been giving out the past couple of games make it super-convenient for me while I’m at a game, though.

  3. How cute was Victorino when he hit that home run last night? He always looks like a little kid yearning for his older brother’s (read: Chutley, J. Rol) approval. I want to do dirty things to that shaved head.

  4. Albert is far and away my favorite ballplayer right now — I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him to pull it off. I think that last night’s performance is a good sign. I’ll be watching the sports ticker like a hawk for the duration!

  5. I cannot imagine a more hellish result to this season than if the DBacks and Angels were to meet in the World Series.** Bland, boring baseball at its worst. Disney-fied hell. The ratings for that Series would be sub-toilet level.

    At least the DBacks have hotties. The Angels don’t even have that.

    **which of course means I have just jinx-guaranteed that exact result.

  6. My first choice for the AL would be the Yankees. Then the Red Sox. Then the White Sox, but only if it means a Cubs-White Sox WS and then Chicago burns to the ground in a class war.

    THEN the Angels. I didn’t think I could every hate any team more then the Red Sox, but there they are.

  7. Little late, but I have a pretty sweet collection of rally towels as well. And they do work wonders for the worry-face-covering.

    And Julie- Victorino’s homer the other night was for me. I asked him to hit it, so he did. He’s a real nice guy like that.

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