Hit & Run: On Baseball Chases and Stuff

Look, I’m not a baseball aficionado but even I know that there are a few divisions making this last week of the season interesting. And by interesting I mean giving fans of one team a reason to cheer and fans of others a heart attack. The Mets lost yesterday to Washington which would have been good for the Phillies, except they lost as well to the Braves. And that doesn’t make anybody happy (sorry Metsy and Clare).

Brian Giles hit a 9th inning 3-run homer in San Francisco helping the Padres to a come from behind win, 6-4. With the win, the Padres are now 2 games back of Arizona in the NL West and 1 game ahead of Philadelphia and Colorado (the Rockies are still in this?!) for the Wild Card.

In non-baseball news, the Bears have finally pulled the plug on the Rex Grossman era (for now) and will go with Brian Griese this Sunday. Uhh, good for Brian Griese I guess. Even though I love the guy for the MNC in ’97 (Michigan now 2-2. WOOO!), he hasn’t been the most successful NFL quarterback, has he? I mean, this is the big upgrade? Really?

In more NFL news, Deuce McAllister is out for the year with a torn ACL, DeAngelo Hall will only be fined for his temper tantum play last Sunday, and Michael Vick was indicted on more dogfighting charges in Virginia.

I’m not a big soccer person, but our National team is playing Brazil Thursday morning in the Women’s World Cup. I would think this would be a good match considering Brazil and the US are suppose to be the two best teams. And Brazil has the best player in the world in Marta (I love the fact that even the women have one-name names). You’re getting ready for work anyway, so why don’t you turn on the TV and watch a little bit of the action? Quick note: the US will be changing goalies for this game, which I don’t get. Why go with someone cold when you have a goalie that’s won every game so far?

9 thoughts on “Hit & Run: On Baseball Chases and Stuff

  1. I think the Mets are looking to kill me. If they had actually won last night, I would’ve done cartwheels – and I don’t know how to do cartwheels!

  2. I always remember Brian Griese being cute from my fond, fond, memories of Michigan and the National Championship. Is my memory just that fuzzy, or is he sadly no longer as dreamy as my seventeen-year old self remembers?

  3. D-unfortunately he’s no longer as dreamy as you thought. I never really saw it with him. My Michigan crush that year was Charles Woodson. And Steve Hutchinson oddly enough.

  4. The US is changing goalies because the Brazilians are known for quick little passes and have struck often inside the box and Brianna Scurry’s reflexes are known to be much quicker than Hope Solo’s.

    That’s not to say it’s not a questionable choice. It’s ballsy, to say the least, but I do actually believe the coach did it to put his best possible team on the field. Solo hasn’t been challenged much on the ground, so I’m not sure if she’s any good at all. An article I read said that basically everyone knew this was on the table and could come up and the coach has said he decided he’d go with Scurry if they met the Brazilians – no matter what stage. Solo even said that as soon as he tapped her on the shoulder she knew what was coming.

  5. D-Your memory isn’t fuzzy, it’s that awful haircut he’s got. Still cute as long as he keeps his hat/helmet on.

    SA-Woodson was deffinitely king hottie of the team (defensive Heismans are HOT). And there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hutchinson, although I am a bit biased since he bore a resemblance to my boyfriend back then (and to whom I am now married!)

    Nicole-thanks for the insight on the keeper change! I was a bit surprised & concerned when I read about it this morning. But I am still a little worried that they may be overthinking this a bit. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

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