Bringing The Heat: Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics have long held the crown of the hottest team in baseball- the team that’s as much fun to watch stretch during BP as actually play baseball during a game. This year, with the downturn in the team’s on-field fortunes and the unfortunate string of guys sent to the DL, the A’s have also turned into a pipeline of hotness that keeps all the other teams in baseball fully stocked on hotties. Thank goodness for the gold and green.

But even without dearly departed hotties Todd Walker, Barry Zito, Ryan Langerhans and Bobby Kielty, the Athletics are still smokin’ hot. Take a gander at what Oakland has to offer after the jump…

Eric Chavez– so pretty, I had to show him twice

Justin Duchscherer

Bobby Crosby

Huston Street & Bobby Crosby

Nick Swisher

Mike Piazza

Shannon Stewart

Rich Harden

Huston Street & Rich Harden

Dan Haren

Lenny DiNardo

Mark Kotsay

I love this picture- they look so resigned to their fate.
Plus, it sums up the A’s season pretty perfectly.

And, of course, no Oakland A’s hottie post would be complete without the hottest A of them all…

Huston Street

And because they are just too cute not to include:

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34 thoughts on “Bringing The Heat: Oakland Athletics

  1. should I be worried for 2 reasons:
    1) I was the first to comment
    2) I’m the only guy who has commented on this post

    Hell, make it three:
    3) That I spend so much time here and that I care so much
    on that note, I’m going to WithLeather or KSK

  2. Omg. I think they may beat the phillies, and now I want to move to Oakland. Streeter is just the cutest thing…that black and white one?! *dies*

  3. Eric Chavez is criminally underappreciated for the smokin’ hottie he is.

    And of the hotties above, Duchscherer, Harden, Crosby, Chavez and Kotsay are ALL on the DL as we speak- and Street and Piazza were on there as well this season. Those poor, brittle hotties.

  4. Oh. My. Lord. That picture of Huston and Rich is going on my iPod. Seriously. If I had a trapper keeper, I’d print it out and put it on the cover.

  5. Dammit, next year Oakland’s going to be my official team. I’ve always rooted for them b/c of all the hotties they had (Mulder/Hudson/Zito anyone?), but they continue to impress.

  6. Clare and I discussed this a little last night- everyone can be a fan of the A’s. They’re impossible to hate, they’re scrappers- and there’s the added bonus of the team being spectacularly good looking. Plus… BILLY BEANE!

    And I think Twins Goddess hit the nail right on the head.

  7. Huzzahs on getting Huddy in there. That’s one of my all-time favorite Oakland pictures, and there are many from which to choose. Does any other team let a photographer in the locker room like they do?

    I’d cut my arm off to be half as pretty as Eric Chavez.

  8. It’s funny because 80% of the locker room pictures you see of the A’s are the guys playing video games in various states of undress. They have full-on arcade-sized machines. It’s kind of awesome.

  9. Good Lord we were pathetic on the field this year. Since I’m not a flaming homo, this post is still no comfort to me on the way this season turned into a “who can spend the longest on the DL” contest.

  10. These A’s pictures are all sexy beyond belief (my favorites being the one where Haren is crouching and all the Huston Street photos – whee-wheew to him!), but I just don’t think that they had such a great season this year.

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