More Saturday Morning Hate Sex

Last week SA’s Wolverines and J-Money’s Demon Deacons were vanquished by Oregon and Nebraska.

But it’s a new week. A new slate of games. Time to conclude the healing process by vanquishing a few Ducks and Huskers of their own.

(Hey, Nike, all those Oregon uniforms you’re churning out? Any of them include tearaway pants? Because, um, it might help them break a few more tackles. Yup. That’s why. What?)

More hailing to the victors, after this.

Zack Bowman, Nebraska. His endzone interception kept the lead over Wake intact, all but ending the game.




Marlon Lucky, Nebraska. 24 carries for 90 yards, plus 33 receiving.


Jonathan Stewart, Oregon. 111 yards, 1 TD.




Dennis Dixon, Oregon. 368 yards, 4 TDs.



Isn’t that better? Now get out of our sight, and out of our minds, you beautiful bastards. Week 3, here we come.

13 thoughts on “More Saturday Morning Hate Sex

  1. I thought I could relax about the Horns between the TCU and OU games…apparently not, dammit.

    Those assholes better not lose to K-State or I’ll…I’ll…be EXCEEDINGLY DISAPPOINTED!

  2. One of the Ladies… may be upset with that result in the Hawkeye State grudge-match — & doesn’t it make you feel at least a little better that you get the whole damned state named for your side, even in the loss? — but I have to admit that the Cyclones’s victory reminds me of my age twenty crush-object (a real, live woman, one whom I knew). Meghan (may her marriage be long & happy, with many children with which to populate the newlywed’s own planet in the afterlife (she’s a Mormon, after all)) was an Iowan by birth, & though by the time I knew she was a BYU undergrad with Utah home-address, still nothing in sports jacked her up more than the ‘Clones. So, in her honour, I’ve glad Ames rained on Iowa City’s parade.

  3. …yup, still funny.

    (The weird thing about all that was: I am absolutely neurotic about making my bed. Like, I can be an hour late for work and running out the door with wet hair and one shoe on, but that bed has to be made before I leave.)

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