Friday’s Hottie Hit n Run: Ladies Edition

First off, the Ladies would like to extend thoughts and prayers to one of our baseball finds this year, Jarrod Saltalamacchia of the Texas Rangers. He has told the Rangers he will not be available to play winter ball because his wife Ashley is already having complications with the pregnancy of their second child. We hope everything turns out just fine for the Saltalamacchias. [That Must Be a Heckuva Last Name to Consider When Naming Your Children]

Now, the Ladies would like to do a little horn-tooting! DOO da DOO DOOOOO!

Our Clare has set up shop over at Plunk Chutley, a blog where she gets to splash around in a pool full of Phillies til her heart’s content. She recently had one of her questions included in Michael Milici’s interview of Cole Hamels and then (THEN) she wrote my favorite piece on her site: There’s no “I” in Team, But There is an “I” in Bitch. Hoo boy, I can’t come up with a better snarky title for the link than that. Way to go, Clare. And just for her, Pat the Bat:

Our Holly has been playing in the sandbox of College Football Genius Orson Swindle all week over at Every Day Should Be Saturday. We have been promised that there is something coming today that will be amazing and awesome, and all the Ladies are quivering in anticipation. [UPDATE:  Surprise!  I have to show the internets my rack if we lose.  This is ourrrrr country.  –H.]  I have to say, however, I think it would be hard to beat the Torture, M**ther**cker from earlier this week. I’m still wiping the tears away from laughing so hard. And just for Holly, Erik Ainge:

Our Andrea (third person’s weird right? Yeah.) has recently set up shop in the men’s locker room over at Bugs & Cranks. I’m the first girl over at that fine establishment, but the boys have been nothing but welcoming. So far. [cocks eyebrow] Each major league team has a writer on staff and then there are a handful of Clubhouse writers. I’m in the Clubhouse. I may or may not be plotting how to off the Cardinals writer. (HAHA, just kidding Chris!) So far, I’ve covered my first Trip to Wrigley and Alyssa Milano’s new gig. Sufficiently girlie, I’d say. Just for me, Scott Rolen:

Our Texy has been invited up to join forces (Earth! Wind! Fire! Water!) with the delightful trio of women over at Babes Love Baseball. These babelicious sports chicks are all-baseball, all the time, which is so good for Texy because she tries really hard to do that at Ladies, but we out-number her and can wrestle her away from the computer at Ladies Headquarters and cover other sports. She has been to something like 70 baseball games this year and I’m not even kidding. Go check out her stylings on Roger Clemens or Hanley Ramirez. Just for Texy, Aaron Rowand:

16 thoughts on “Friday’s Hottie Hit n Run: Ladies Edition

  1. It really disturbs me that the first two comments on here are from our West Coasters. I am still stumbling around blindly for coffee at 7 am. They’ve both probably already been to the gym and shot a video and gotten a pedicure and saved a kitten from a tree or something. Good lord.

  2. LA: I just got up.

    Thanks to my brother getting pulled over for speeding, and then the officer realizing he was driving with a suspended license, yours truly had to get out of bed at 2:30 am and go pick his ass up. 3 towns over.

    Cranky Metschick today.

  3. And I actually got sleep last night. Generally I’m up between 5 and 7 though, depending on what I want to get done. Get to the office between 8 and 10, depending.

    8:40 on a Friday? Still on the sofa in my jammies watching pre-Emmy coverage on KTLA.

    Is it wrong that I wish in that photo Pat had waxed or shaved his chest?

    Metsy – Should we go beat up your brother?

  4. TSW: yes, we should. He needs to grow up already. He’s turning 21 in a few weeks, and he still thinks that my parents or my sister (who’s a police officer) will keep bailing him out forever.

  5. TSW, I think that photo of Il Bat is just wrong in general. That gigantic, glistening oiled chest does nothing for me. (But I do like the chest hair.) Now, Tex, on the other hand…ask her how she feels about that photo.

  6. If you’ve done time in Catholic school, it is deadly serious, I can tell you that.

    And, busted, I was on my way to the gym when leaving that comment. It’s the sun! It’s just out all the time here! You’d think it would give me a sunnier disposition, but you would be wrong.

    Dead wrong.

    *hitches up pants, spits*

  7. I hate Pat Burrell with the fury of a thousand nuns, but that pic of there? Slurp.

    O_o I’m going to have nightmares with the fact that “slurp” and “pat burrell” were in the same comment. Oh god…Oh god…*rocks back and forth*

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