St. Louis Cardinals Hotties

The day is here! Cardinals Hotties!!! I don’t particularly want to talk about the ups and downs I’ve been going through since the end of July. And that is NOTHING compared to what they’ve been through. Death and injuries, including the fact that we still don’t know if Juan Encarnacion will ever be the same. For today, let’s just focus on hotties. Let’s start with one of my favorite pictures of the bunch. Not only do I love Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina, but they have this cute little handshake celebratory thing they do that I just lurve.

Three hotties, YAHTZEE!

Catchers are SO HOT. Yadier has thrown out 42% of
base runners in his two full seasons as a Cardinal.

He is SO FRIGGIN’ cute.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.

My poor, hurting Scott Rolen…..

Matheny was one of my favorite Cardinals
and his career has taken a sad ending, so he gets a little love.


Awww, he’s such a cute lil’ fella!

Jimmy Baseball….getting old, but I still love ‘im.

Duncan and Pujols…..
I swear, man……it’s THIS big

Duncan is my Cardinals Butterface.
I love his body.

Aaron Miles and Skip Schumaker.

Hmmm…..hello, you.

Call-up Cutie Brendan Ryan.
He has the cutest stripey socks.

Jason Isringhausen.
Closin’ games and breakin’ hearts….

Tyler Johnson, so young and cute!

Johnson and Molina.
There’s a battery joke to be made here…..

Joel Pineiro. Look at that form…..

Adam Wainwright….awwwwww.

He’s so tall…..

Mike Maroth. Beautiful baby blues…..

Mark Mulder, striding to the mound…..


Last but not least…..

Rick Ankiel.

I don’t care about anything else right now.
Look how cute he is!!!!!

Edited for Alert Reader Ms. Marty. I can’t believe I forgot Carpenter!

30 thoughts on “St. Louis Cardinals Hotties

  1. Who was that dude we saw at the Philly Pants Party where we simultaneously turned to each other and said, “Who’s that guy??” Did we ever figure out who it was? Is he in here?

  2. Andrea! I see you got (or already had?) the ankiel “under” pic? :D i was wondering if that had gone through…

    I’m about to send you some others cuz you’ve only scratched the surface here!

  3. Damn you, Andrea- I’m not supposed to think Cardinals are hot! First Ankiel, now I’ve got crushes on half the team. *shakes fist at sky* DAMN YOU!

    Seriously, that Ankiel pic? WHOA.


    Actually, with the losing streak they’re on, I’m starting to hate the Cardinals. I was listening to today’s game on the radio, face down on my bed, begging for a win. So sad.

  5. Yeah, the praying scene is kind of sad. I don’t really get it with baseball any more, but when basketball season rolls around, I find myself speaking to the man upstairs (he looks at his caller ID and says “Oh, he has a lot of nerve calling me now…) about breaking that Kansas championship drought before it hits an even two decades.

  6. Hello, all. Hope you don’t mind a small commercial that might be of interest to you all. We have a gallery of photos on each of the Cardinals players on our website, part of Here is the link to the team roster.

    Click on the player’s name to be taken to his individual page. Just to the right of his name there, it says “Photos (23)” or whatever number of photos we have. Click on that to see the player photo gallery. While you’re there, check out our articles, too. Enjoy!

  7. Finally, I have been waiting for the Cardinal hotties post all season! Bless you Lady Andrea. My friend and I engage in constant debates as to who is the more perfect man, Albert or Scotty Ro. We mix it up and switch sides sometimes. Ah Jimmy Baseball, my original boyfriend on this team. He is my age and we are both getting old, but he’s still looks good, and damn that guy has some awful purty catches :) I was him for Halloween one year, we recreated the ivy wall at Wrigley Field in our office and my co-worker Linds (a Cub fan) dressed as my/Jimmy’s heckling Cub fan and held a sign that said “Jimmy Throws Like a Girl”. I have him a copy of said photo when I got his autograph at Winter Warm Up, he thought it was a hoot, especially when I told him “Oh, and Linds made me promise to tell you, she doesn’t really think you throw like a girl.

    I would also like to nominate Randy Flores, lefty reliever, as a Cardinal hottie, I think he has the best booty in baseball. He is a total hottie as well, but many of his MLB photos just don’t do him justice. My friend Nikki and I have completely opposite and diverging taste in men, but we both agree on FLO!

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  10. Puhols and Yadi’s handshake is AWESOME!!! Do you know if a video of it is posted anywhere???? I checked youtube… but had no luck. I think it’s just adorable!!

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