Hump Day Hottie: Jacoby Ellsbury

First we named him a Ladies… mascot, and then we told you he was one of the hottest prospects this year. And since September callups, Jacoby Ellsbury has done us proud- blazing a trail on the fast track to a starter spot in the outfield for the Red Sox. He’s gotten a hit in every single game since the September 1st callup date, and is batting .373 with 3 homers overall in the big leagues (just 18 games!). He’s a predatory animal roaming the outfield- no ball is safe, and there’s no body part he won’t sacrifice in making a diving catch. Yesterday was his 24th birthday- which he celebrated with a homer (of course!). And he’s officially eligible for the playoff roster, so we’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of him in October.

Oh, yeah- and he’s outrageously hot.

In celebration of his birthday, his sensational rookie season, and his hot body, I’ve got a ton of Jacoby prettiness after the jump…

And the greatest photo ever taken in the history of photography:

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  1. I had a hot date last night and we ended up at the bar watching the games (He’s a Mets fan so was watching their trashing) and I couldn’t TEAR MY EYES away from the Red Sox game. All that yummy goodness last night. I got asked “So you’re a big Red Sox fan, eh?” and all I could muster was an ‘uh-huh’ to keep drool from coming out of my mouth.

  2. One time a reporter was interviewing his mom about his heritage (he’s Navajo, born and lived on a reservation for his formative years) – and she was talking about how he’s fluent in Navajo and always greets his mom in her native tongue. And then she said, “If you ask him, he’ll sing you a Navajo song.”

    ESPN, FOX, NESN, WHOEVER- PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Get Jacoby on camera and ask him to sing a Navajo song. PLEASE.

  3. The one of him fixing the scoreboard is my favorite. It sums up all of him in one picture – sweet, considerate and with a fine butt to boot. I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan and he makes me want to watch even more. He’s definitely added to the eye candy on a team that has a lot already!

  4. Can we officially give the Red Sox an award for the hottest draftees and farm system? Between Jacoby, Papelbon, Brandon Moss, the ah-dorable Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Kyle Jackson, Jed Lowrie, Will Middlebrooks, George Kottaras, Michael Bowden, Ryan Kalish…I feel like I should bow down.

  5. HOT HOT HOT – No doubt ladies! Excellent choice!
    Jacoby is my #1 pick always!
    Oh, and he has three younger brothers who are very cute all on their own!

  6. i feel like i’ve been waiting for this for years. the only thing that could make this day better is a phillies win!

  7. MMM…adorably delicious. Is “adorably” a word? Shucks, it is now.

    And he’s got a nice voice in that video…

  8. It is simply not fair for him to be that talented at baseball AND that adorable in his own right.

    …And three cute younger brothers, you say?

  9. Here’s some raw footage of the Red Sox rookies dressing up for the annual hazing. It’s a bit long at 5 minutes plus, but definitely worth watching, especially at 3:07 and 3:46.

    (Click on “Raw Video: Red Sox Rookies Dress in Drag, Costumes”)

  10. >>he’s Navajo, born and lived on a reservation for his formative years)

    Actually he’s only a Navajo on his mother’s side, and only lived on a reservation for one year, when he was 12. It is, unfortunately, only the Indians raised off the reservations who do well… on the reservation there is poverty and despair, and whether that’s the fault of the tribal leaders or the us government I’m not sure…

    Check my website for his bio, which I’ve been researching.

  11. I love this guy, it isn’t bad that he doesn’t stink at baseball, either! -drools-

  12. Yes!!!! Glad you all think our NAVAJO Guy is HOT. Thank you, we know
    he’s awesome, he’s our native pride.

  13. Ja-baby! That’s what I call him. Too cute! Wow, I’m so proud to be a true Native American and Dine’ (Navajo) too!

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  15. Jacoby has gotten me watching baseball for sure….I’m very proud of him!! Very handsome indeed and he’s Navajo!! YEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I first heard of Jacoby when he played college baseball… then I got bored with baseball and when they announced that Jacoby would be drafted to the RED SOX…I went back to LOVING the game…as many of you have mentioned he is a HOTTIE and so what if he has gf and who cares what she looks like. He is a famous player and the fact that we get to watch and admire him is good enough for him, but perhaps the second most important thing aside from his GOOD looks is his amazing talent for running and stealing those bases…Keep up the great work Jacoby! And whoever his gf is…well she is one LUCKY girl!

  17. I just have to say, that I went to High School with Jacoby in Madras, Oregon. We were in the same graduating class, and he is an all around GREAT guy. He has a good heart and is an incredible ball player. He makes Madras proud!

  18. I would like to commend Jacoby on a job well done last night, game 3 in the world series. MVP of game and he tied a few records! What an extraordinary young man. He makes me very proud to be Navajo (Dine). He definitely knows his game.

    Oh yeah…to those that hate on the Red Sox…get a life! They are doing a fantastic job, especially this hottie, Jocoby Ellsbury. GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I am telling you again he is becoming our next “BIG PAPI” and that’s for sure!! It’s not going to take long.

  20. Congrats to Jacoby and all of the well-deserving Red Sox! Congrats to Mike Lowell on getting MVP. See you next spring in Fort Meyers!

  21. Jacoby is absolutely adorable but an awesome player I’ve been a diehard baseball and Red Sox fan since 1999(before my grandfather died in 2000 from pancreatic cancer T_T ) and man I’m the happiest girl in the world that the Red Sox won the world series for the second time in three or four years I was cheering for the sox all the way I’m only two years younger than Jacoby.

  22. I wish I could of been at the parade today but responsabilities comes first and I have plenty of them. CONGRATULATIONS RED SOX AND ALL OF RED SOX NATION; THEY DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the team remains with all the key players and for Jacoby to be a starter in the line up next season.

  23. Holy Friggin’ Cow! Great pics! (THUD! THUD! THUD!) Help me! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!

  24. It was painful to watch my Rockies get their asses beat but I was glad that Jacoby Ellsbury made it a little less so.

  25. Crystal: that post you linked to actually lifted all those photos from us. That alarm clock picture is a photoshop created by our Jmoney. So, basically, they ripped us off and didn’t bother to put a link back up to us.

  26. Texas Gal: I actually found the alarm clock picture on a gay website as someone’s “display photo”…. it was hinted about from another website (I didn’t see it anywhere else and thought I would share it).

    I was just google-ing random photo’s to make a collage for a friend who has liked him since he played for OSU. You are right, they should site their sources as a courtesy. Best, Crystal

  27. i believe that is true. i heard it on the news. it sucks that it’s gonna be a japan . when they get back they’ll have jetlag and whatnot. oh least dice k and hideki will feel right at home

  28. I hope Jacoby stays–but I really really really want Buchholz to stay too. Come to think of it, I want Lester to stay as well. Coco… eh. I wouldn’t want him to leave for anyone less than a Cy Young-caliber pitcher, so I guess Santana’s okay two times over.

  29. The Sox are now reporting to have added Ellsbury in the deal for Santana. It’s Ellsbury, Lowrie, and Masterson/Bowden. A pretty sweet deal for the Twins.

  30. Don’t worry. With the Yankees’ “deadline” (not sure I trust anything Hank Steinbrenner says, especially after the “No-we-won’t-deal-with-A-Rod-anymore” episode) within seven hours, there’s virtually no way I’m going to be able to focus. Which is bad, since I have a big paper.

  31. im glad you all enjoy the song, my friend and i are actually the ones that wrote it… you can im me at nepglenn88 or my friend kyle at chemicalyouth666… thanks for the support!

  32. i know i have never been on here before..but i wanted everyone to know that the red sox are either going to trade lester or ellsbury…a trade would not include the both of them

    soooo since lester’s medical records were sent over to the twins, that may calm some people a little bit…at least that’s how i see it

  33. If you want up to the minute informationn go to and click on the redsox section then go to dirtdawgs. It has a continuously updated scroll from Rotoworld which takings postings from all over the internet on the lates rumors. It seems like now the Angels are involved and the Sox are pushing the Lester/Crisp trade by adding a 5th prospect CF, Ryan Kalish to sweeten the deal. I also heard that Ellsbury dropped his agent and hired Scott Boras who the Twins do not like to deal with which may be added disincentive. Also has a live winter meetings blog with good info. Good luck. I hope it calms you all a bit.

  34. you know what girls?

    me and my buddy brian mellor are gonna take the Don’t Trade Jacoby song to the signing. we’re not even signed up to meet him. but yeah, i don’t know. i’ll just claim i need to go shopping for a CD or something with an acoustic guitar in my hands.

    i mean, this could cause a stir and show Theo that this is not so much a good idea.

    any thoughts?

  35. no i didnt take any pictures cause i was too nervous haha and ohh yea i heard about youlikis..maybe thats what the guy was talking about

  36. Ok wow. I met him in April with my sons………. What a nice guy. Just adds to the hotness. First time I’ve been speachless, wow.

  37. Ok if the sox make the trade it will be aweful. He belongs in center field at Fenway. Not only is he like the hottest man alive(next to my hubby of course, am I covered?) He is also extremely sweet. I had the pleasure of meeting him in April. He made my eight yr old son feel like a million dollars what an experance.

  38. It’s not looking good ladies! The Twins are really pushing for Jacoby. I read all the articles today and I am not happy. The Sox are going to have a lot of disappointed fans if they trade him…

  39. Fox 25 news just said it again. The Twins are really focusing on Jacoby Ellsbury!!! I think I am going to be sick…

  40. Ugh. I seriously hope he’s not traded, I’ll be so sad! I’d rather have him over Santana any day, and it’s not going to cost us the championship if we have one less miraculous starting pitcher… I mean, really, Theo, give the other teams a chance!

    At this point I almost want him to go to the Yankees. =x Santana, that is, obviously.

    Also, Katrina, that story about the sign and him putting his hand on his heart is THE cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I wish I could meet him, he seems so sweet.

  41. PORTLAND, Maine — The Boston Red Sox will bring the 2007 World Series Trophy to Portland, Maine on Friday, December 14th. The 2007 World Series Trophy will be on display and available for public viewing from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m at Hadlock Field, home of the Red Sox’ Double-A affiliate Portland Sea Dogs.

    BOSTON — The Boston Red Sox today announced that the State of Vermont will host the 2007 World Series trophy next Monday, December 17. Fans will have the opportunity to view the World Series trophy at the Vermont State House in Montpelier from 2:45 until 4:30 p.m. The viewing will take place in the Main Foyer of the State Capitol Building.

    ..incase any of you girls wanted to go. Any news on when the trophy is making it’s trip down to CT?

  42. It was rumored that Tek was on the list, but it was just that, a rumor. The only guys on the ’07 roster who were named were Gagne and Brendan Donnelly (who was on the DL for most of the season anyway).

    Anyway, YES, he is way too smart to do anything like steroids. I would be completely brokenhearted if any current Sox did, though. There’s probably at least one guy doing them (I’m not suggesting anyone in particular, I’m just saying it’s extremely unlikely if not any person is using them), but none got pointed out in the report…

    Oh man. Why, Jacoby, why? WHY must you be so talented and gorgeous and TRADE BAIT? I swear, I’m going to have a heart attack one of these days. I already call my mom right after school every day…

    Also, Dan Haren went to the D-Backs today! The Sox were casually pursuing him, weren’t they? This could mean they want Johan more!

  43. gaahhh this trade talk makes me sick to my stomach. Obviously Johan is an amazing pitcher and if the Sox can get him WITHOUT Jacoby leaving i would be all for it. but whyyy oh whyyyy does jacoby need to be includeddddd??

  44. Apparently, the Yanks and the Mets are talking to the Twins again.

    Why can’t Santana stay in Minnesota or go to the National League!? Either would be WAY better than him in the Bronx (oh hell no) or being traded for our Jacoby (oh HELL no).

  45. Is anyone else as jealous of Anna Delcarmen as I am? She’s gorgeous. >.> I’d think SHE was the one with Jacoby, with zero offense intended to either Manny D or Kelsey.

    Also–what does everyone think about this? Pedroia says nobody at all in the Sox’ minor league system even talked about steroids. Likely? Or is Pedroia just blind?

    I think it’s likely. These guys have a front-row seat to see what steroid use can do to your career, since they’re just seeing all this–the whole Mitchell Report thing, the Bonds case, etc–as they just realize what it’s like to play in the majors. They know how good they have it; they all say they’re living their dreams. I think they know not to blow it now.

  46. remember when mike o’malley used to host guts?? it was my childhood dream to win that hideous nh rock and have a kick ass montage about my life

  47. I’m liking the potential good news about the Santana deal. If it’s any consolation, I read a while ago Lester says he feels honored to be a part of that deal if it happens. OK, I’ll say it…I’ll miss Coco, too. He’s a good guy who busted his butt this year…just had some injuries to deal with. Isn’t he part of the Lester package, too?
    And let me say I saw TONS of Red Sox fans at our mall in Virginia yesterday….lots of people wearing the shirts, hats and jackets…yeah! My husband brought me to the store with all the sports pictures and he wanted to get me the Papelbon/Varitek picture when Jason was running into his arms. (That sounds SO funny, doesn’t it??) Well, as much as I LOVE that moment, the look on Papelbon’s face is just TOO funny/ugly to stare at forever….plus the thing was about $130 framed. He was so disappointed I didn’t want it!
    Everyone have a wonderful holiday and here’s to GOOD news in the New Year!!

  48. Well, I see I’m a day late and a dollar short, as I was going to introduce my own blog dedicated to Jacoby, at

    But that message board is a great idea and I’ll be looking there too.

    I’ll also be updating my Jacoby bio soon. Anyone see the article in Men’s Vogue about him – yes, friends, he has a girlfriend and has had one for over a year and a half. (Sorry if this is old news.)

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