Bringing the Heat: Colorado Rockies

Texas Gal may have turned me on to Papyboo and his thousand-yard stares (I’m only human, y’all), but in my heart there’s only one baseball boyfriend: Rockies first baseman and good ol’ Tennessee boy Todd Helton, who just became the first player to hit 35 doubles in ten consecutive seasons.


More Rockies for you to tap (sorry) after the jump.

P Taylor Buchholz


P Josh Fogg (shown here despairing and in Pittsburgh, which somehow works for him)



P Juan Morillo




CF Willy Taveras


3B Ian Stewart

9 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat: Colorado Rockies

  1. Wow Clare, we’re like twinsies! I know a Rockie too! I went to high school with P Aaron Cook. I admit he’s nowhere near the best looking on the team (unless you like redheads), but he has to be one of the sweetest. (He and his family still live in town & donated a bunch of stuff to our little league team that went to the WS)

  2. I cannot believe Holly left her boy Holliday off. Maybe they’re in a lover’s spat?

    And while Clay may be a better pitcher, Taylor is the better looking Buchholz (no relation). Even though I do love that lil’ stickbug with all my heart.

  3. Texy, that last picture you linked to is ADORABLE. I’m in a funk right now, and that lifted it a bit…just in time to go to bed. Thanks.:)

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