That Other Football Is Playing On Sunday Too

So it’s Sunday afternoon, you’ve just watch the first games of the brand new NFL season and your waiting for the Chargers-Bears game to come on. What is a girl to do with that time on their hands? How about watch the other brand of football?

Yes, that’s right. The US Men will be on the pitch tomorrow at Soldier Field in Chicago, trying to represent this great nation to the best of their abilities. Against the number one team in the world Brazil. Yes, Brazil.

While I think it’s pretty, well, stupid for US Soccer to schedule a match the same day as the NFL kick-off, if I was in Chicago I would go. Seriously, there are some major hotties on the Brazilian team, which I discussed earlier in a Copa Cup post. And the US does us proud in the hottie department as well. Take Benny Feilhaber-Midfielder, for example.

More US Soccer hotness after the jump.

Tim Howard-Goalkeeper

Steve Cherundolo-Defender

Carlos Bocanegra-Defender

Bobby Convey-Midfielder/Defender

Oguchi Onyewu-Defender

Josh Wolff-Forward

Jonathan Spector-Defender

Heath Pearce-Defender

Chris Seitz-Goalkeeper

Jay DeMerit-Defender

And another one of Jay that makes me want to do naughty things to him right on the pitch…

Michael Bradley-Midfielder

Clint Dempsey-Midfielder (For more Clint goodness, go here.)

Look, I don’t find DaMarcus Beasley or Landon Donovan particularly cute. At all. Not in the least bit. But I know some do. So here ya go…

DaMarcus Beasley-Midfielder

Landon Donovan-Forward

And don’t forget about my future husband playing for Brazil, Diego Ribas de Cunha. Also just known as Diego.

Yeah, it’s a sacred day tomorrow. But damn it Chicagoans, how many times are you going to be able to see so much soccer ass running back and forth? Go out there, get the Bears game updates on the cell, and enjoy some world football.


15 thoughts on “That Other Football Is Playing On Sunday Too

  1. Go U.S.A!!!!! I’d watch soccer, err, futbol over Da Bears anyday of the week. Since my beloved Packers have been hijacked by Favre I have no one let to root for.

    Besides, who can see any hotties underneath all those pads?

  2. Nice to see the Chris Seitz and Michael Bradley love — I got far too invested in the u20 World Cup this summer, and while they’re several years away from being jailbait, I still feel a little dirty. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  3. Had to check these guys out again to remember why life is still worth living. You broke my heart, UM, you broke my heart.

    But I still miss Brian McBride.

  4. I am so f’cking amp for this game. We are going to shock the world.

    Okay, not really, It’s just a friendly, but Brazil is bringing the A-team (and Bob Bradley can go screw himself… No Jozy. No peace).

    I’m banking on Brazil bringing their A-fans. Yeah, you ladies… can gawk at the guys on the pitch all you want, but I am hopefully going to be surrounded by nubile South American women in Brazil flag bikini tops. And score notwithstanding, it should be a thing of beauty all the way around.

  5. The Brazilian team is chock full of eye candy, but I have to admit that those big boys on the Chicago D pounding the shit outta San Diego gave me a special tickle in my lady parts.

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