It’s like a palate cleanser, but it’ll get you dirty.

Last week Holly’s Vawls, SA’s Wolverines, and J-Money’s Demon Deacons were dealt body blows by Cal, Appalachian State, and Boston College. But that’s yesterday’s news. Let us move on, brothers and sisters. Let us celebrate week two of the season, beginning in just a few hours. Let us heal. And what heals like a little morning hate sex? Nothing, that’s what.

Join us after the jump for a little “Hail to the Victors”, if you know what I mean.

De’Sean Jackson, Cal. Returns punts with such a fury we were kicking it out of bounds by the second quarter.


Matt Ryan, Boston College. Threw five touchdowns against the defending ACC Champion.


Corey Lynch, Appalachian State. Blocked what would have been Michigan’s winning field goal.


Thank you, boys. Yes, you’re very pretty. Now let us never speak of this again. Sssssshhhhhh. We don’t need you to talk.


14 thoughts on “It’s like a palate cleanser, but it’ll get you dirty.

  1. Might as well find ’em from ND, Penn St, NWestern, E Mich, Purdue, Ill, Minn, MSU, and tOSU too. It is going to be a lonnnnngggggg, sad season.

    /officially giving up all hope :(

  2. Is that Holly’s bedroom? A little view into the lair of our firey lioness? I find it to be quite tasteful, other than the unkempt bed. Damn, that is a lot of books.

  3. I think the unkempt bed is HOT. It says, “What just happened was awesome, and we’re not done here yet so don’t bother making me.”


  4. I understood the point of it and that’s why the picture was taken; I was just saying that it was a nice bedroom and that was the only thing that detracted. I’m not explaining myself here clearly.

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