Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Bronx Hottie Alex Rodriguez became the first Yankee to homer twice in one inning since Cliff Johnson did it in June 1977. Nicely done, A-Rod. The club had been planning on taking Rodriguez out of the lineup last night because of a hurting ankle, but he insisted on playing and it obviously paid off as they beat the Mariners 10-2, giving them a 3-game lead in the Wild Card race. Also, my law school fantasy team thanks you for the two homeruns. [Two Homers in an Inning? That’ll Do, Pig.]

Levitating bat!
Toss him in the river, see if he floats!

Southern Hotties Atlanta Braves made a remarkable comeback last night against the Phillies, getting a three-run two-out double from Matt Diaz in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. (Sorry Clare, but there’s nothing I love better than pictures of hot athletes celebrating). The Braves are pretty much out of any playoff picture, but they mobbed Diaz at second base like they’d just won the World Series. Jeff Francoeur said “It was the most exciting game of the year for me.” Awwwww. [Braves Smack Brett Myers Around a Little]

I wonder if Jeff Francoeur wants to hug me…..

In honor of the NFL kicking off tonight, here’s a tidbit about Jets Hottie Thomas Jones. Jones has been practicing with the Jets this week, which is the first time he’s been practicing since hurting his calf on August 12th. He says he’ll be ready to go in time for the season opener against the New England JETs (see what I did there?) on Sunday. He rushed for over 1200 yards and 6 TDs last year and should be a boost for the Jets offense. Though, to be fair, suiting up the Golden Girls would probably also be a boost for the Jets. [Holy Mother of God, Look at Those Arms]

Humanuh, humanuh, humanuh….

In the world of tennis, two Hotties were sent packing last night from the U.S. Open. Rafael Nadal was upset by no. 15 David Ferrer. Nadal didn’t want to take anything away from Ferrer, saying that he didn’t want to talk about how he was feeling physically. “He played very good and he beat me.” Andy Roddick was also defeated, falling to Roger Federer in straight sets. [Hotties Out of Luck in Flushing]

It’s so hard to be all hot n sweaty, isn’t it Rafael?



Finally, something that kind of cracks me up because rivalries are part of what make sports so great. THE Ohio State Buckeyes fans are apparently buying all the Appalachian State apparel they can get their meaty little paws on. Interestingly enough, there’s an old state law that won’t let the ASU bookstore sell to anyone who isn’t a student, faculty or alumni, so people have to call up the bookstore and lie. God, I love college football. [Buckeyes Are Ga-Ga For Mountaineers Gear]


10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. I’m beginning to think that Andy Roddick should just skip the matches and do the post match interview. I find them much more entertaining than watching him lose.

    Also I’m glad to see some U.S. Open coverage around here.

  2. Even though I hate them, I must admit that the Braves are loaded with hotties. It’s kind of ridiculous, really. They end up supplying other teams with hotties because they have a hottie overload (Langerhans, Saltalamacchia).

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