PSA: A Few Odds and Ends

Want an iPhone? Who doesn’t? They’re sexy, and all the big boys have them. Well, AA is introducing the Awful Announcing Pick ‘Em Challenge for the chance to win an iPhone. Sounds like fun, and who knows, you too can get your own 300-page bill from AT&T. (Seriously, go play – or we’ll hurt you.)

Replacing his Wednesday blog on, Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson will do a 30-minute live chat tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern on ESPN. Who knows? If y’all are nice, maybe I’ll post the transcript afterwards.

Ladies…, are you trying to save a bit to buy those World Series tix? Please, don’t do this.

Thanks for paying attention – now go ogle Chutley as he eats a Krimpet.

10 thoughts on “PSA: A Few Odds and Ends

  1. Yeah, Mels and Clare…alas, it’s just a radio ad. I’ve heard it on the radio (oddly enough, usually on the way home from the ballpark) a few times, and on his site about 3849234293843 times. I imagine they didn’t make a tv ad featuring The Utley and butterscotch krimpets because they know that is too much sweet-hot goodness for my tv and my little heart to handle. Along with various other parts of my body. Yeah.

    *insert lewd comment regarding Chase instructing how to “grip it” here*

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