Hot Hot Hits

Any girl who says barfights are anything but a) hilarious or b) hilariously awesome is a) a liar, or b) not someone I want to be friends with. We’re not waving our hands and yelling “STOOOOOOPPIT BOYS” to affect the action; it’s kind of a war cry and mating call. We’re declaring that THAT IS OUR MAN OUT THERE BY GOD LOOK AT HIM GO. This is all by way of saying: Nothing gets me hot and bothered like a football rival getting his ass leveled. Expect a lot of material about jacked-up guys in tight pants getting (sorry) jacked up once the season really gets underway. To whet your appetite, here’s the greatest hits of seasons past, via the incomparable (and handsome!) Sunday Morning Quarterback:

13 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hits

  1. You know, I constantly try to tell myself I’m a grown up and I should be above this kind of emotional manipulation. And then I see a line of guys marching onto the field holding their fucking helmets up and my nipples get hard.


  2. Good God, that got my blood flowing! Nothing like seeing men in tight pants beating the sh!t out of each other. Esp. UM’s D putting the smack down.

  3. Bandages! On my legs and my arms from you! Bandages, bandages, bandages! Up and down on my legs and my arms from you! Bandages, bandages, bandages!

  4. I should not have watched that video at work. Now I’m all geeked up, and I’m worried I’m going to go Terry Tate on the next person that steps into my office. MY OFFICE OF PAIN!!!!

  5. Oh man, I was totally getting into this–almost as much as I got into Michigan losing to App. St. *does maniacal laugh* I’m sorry, but my house is split MSU/UofM and the UofM side was so pissed off.

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