Blood Makes The Grass Grow

lsu1.jpg I have a kind of tunnel vision when it comes to sports, and I wear it proudly. I have mountains to fling myself down in the spring and tennis to occupy me in the summer, but there’s nothing gets my blood going like the divine brutality that is football season. (What? Our god is a vengeful one. Look it up.)

During the offseason I spent an inordinate amount of time composing lists of ways to make baseball more compelling (“Article I: Infielders can tackle baserunners. Article II: But that’s fine and dandy, since the baserunners can take their bats with them.”), but not even Bacon Pants could ease the pain of the waiting game for me. Maybe if he’d taken a swing at the catcher’s dome.

So welcome back, fall. Welcome back, sunburn and frostbite and concussion hits. Welcome back, tailgating and GameDay and Coach O. Welcome back, blood season. Welcome back, football.

And, because this is Ladies…, after all, in honor of tonight’s SEC kickoff, look after the jump for some current and former LSU hotties in those tight yellow pants we so adore. Oh, and there’s a tiger. Rrrrrowwwr.








12 thoughts on “Blood Makes The Grass Grow

  1. The thundergod* has sounded his horn**. We run to the fields with sword*** in hand. Sow the fertile earth with our blood****. Let the flowers of tomorrow feast on today’s spilled glory*****.

    ***game program/flask
    *****see above

    Fuck off, half-sports. It’s Lemsday.

  2. God Bless Football!! Especially in the SEC. And thanks to Jerkwheat for the shout-out to the #2 bad-ass at Arkansas…Mr. Felix Jones. Cool mornings and colder nights out here in Colorado are the tell-tale signs that the best time of the year is here…FOOTBALL SEASON. Bring it!

  3. Fuck and yes.

    Public Notice: I would like to apologize in advance for any and all liquor-laced commenting–misspelled words, threats (both personal and blog), double posts, irrelevant and repeated thoughts, and of course profanity–I may do over the next 3 days (and the ensuing 5 months) here and at edsbs, spin, s2n, extrapolater, bfa, tlb, pol, ksr, apias, and everywhere else.

    I think my mom said it best “I love each of you very much. Now go play outside and ignore the screams.”

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