Hit and Run: A change was made uptown/And the big man joined the band

Today’s Hit and Run is all about the big dudes, so stock your fridge and don’t be surprised when you find canoe-sized shoes at the foot of your bed.

Ry Ho and Shane share a tender moment.

Let’s start with Ryan Howard’s walk-off two-run opposite field blast to lift the Fightins over the Mets 4-2. (Yes, I know Metsy started with a Phillies item yesterday, but it’s my Hit and Run, I’ll do what I want!) I was there for last night’s game and to say the mood in the CBP was euphoric would be an understatement of the highest degree. I high-fived people I’d never met and I heckled a group of kid Mets fans. It was fabulous.

Before the game, I hung over the bullpen railing and watched Tom Glavine warm up. (I refuse to hear you say I’m a turncoat. How many times in your life do you get to watch a 300-game winner warm up from 15 yards away?) Dude is INTENSE. From where I was sitting, it looked like he p4wned the Phillies over seven strong innings, but according to the NYT’s article about the game, he was gassed: “Glavine scattered eight singles in seven scoreless innings but had thrown 102 stressful pitches, he said, and could not go out to start the eighth.”

Hmm, if you did HGH and steroids, you didn’t get much of a ROI on it.

Now from dudes who are huge by the grace of Dog, we move to dudes who have to get big by the grace of science. Yahoo Sports has a series alleging that QB Tim Couch used steroids and HGH to enable his return to the NFL.


I really have no feelings one way or another on tOSU (they did win us our bet with the KSK boys, though) but it’s worth noting that 6’5″ junior Todd Boeckman will be their starting QB this year. Six feet, five inches of deliciousness. I might have to harass my cable company for the Big Ten Network after all!

Finally, I’ll close with a big lady: Maria Sharapova pasted Roberta Vinci in straight sets at the U.S. Open 6-1, 6-0.

Maria’s little tennis dress is cute, but I don’t think I would’ve worn dangly pearl earrings with it. Giant diamond studs, maybe, or a big pearl with a ruby.

EDIT FOR THE STARTER WIFE: David Ferrer of Spain is happy to see me.

17 thoughts on “Hit and Run: A change was made uptown/And the big man joined the band

  1. speaking of tim couch, whatever happened to eric crouch?

    and i concur…maria should have gone with big ol’ diamond studs and a nice grill to complete the ensemble

    seriously, pearls? bia, please…

  2. 1) I do not understand how anyone wears dangling earrings during a sporting event.

    2) I love big men. Great theme. We should do a post of nothing but men over 6’2 and 210 at the lightest.

    3) Extra balls rule. As do those abs.

  3. Shane looks like he’s going to put one right on the big guys kisser! The best part of the game was actually though, Rowands little bloop hit that didnt go foul. Deluca and Wright’s faces were priceless.

    And wow thats one good looking buckeye.

  4. ^HAHAHA that’s hilarious!

    Lastnights game was crazy! I wish I was there, and i’m very jealous of anyone who was. But I gotta tell you, I still felt it at home. You could hear the crowd chanting and all the excitment, I had a blast watching it with my boyfriend drinkin beers that didn’t cost $8! lol, don’t get me wrong, I wouda given anything to switch and actually be there, but it was still awesome! I loved Victorino’s reaction when the ball stayed fair, how pumped up he was crossing home plate! Then Rowand blowing a kiss! It was fun to watch!

  5. TSW-I love the idea of a big men post! Maybe even, in honor of the beginning of football season, an all linemen post (should be plenty of booty pics since they bend over so much!).

    Chitown-That’s why I rarely dated guys close to my size; the big ones made me look down right petite!

  6. Eric Crouch was drafted to the Rams and played WR. But he retired before the season started. Whatever happened to Jason White?? Didn’t he win the Heisman??

  7. UPDATE: Eric Crouch now plays for the Toronto Argonauts as a 4th string quarterback but is on the DL due to injure. He left the Rams after getting hit by a defensive player and had to have 150cc of blood drained from his leg. He was picked off waivers by the Packers to play quarterback but left the after advising them to draft Aaron Rodgers.

  8. As a Springsteen geek who has a printout in front of me combining playoff dates with the Bruce tour (which I will try to have to write about while I am hopefully writing about the playoffs – although the way the Mets are playing these days, god only knows), I am incredibly impressed with the acuity of associating that photo with 10th Avenue Freezeout, and salute the sister geek (you gotta be) who composed it.

    However, please do NOT associate Bruce Springsteen with the Phillies again.

    bad enough that he’s a YANKEES fan.

  9. I was at the game Tuesday as well and almost lost my voice from all the screaming and cheering. It was great to see the obnoxious fans silenced when Howard hit the walk off home run!!!

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