Hit & Run: The Race is on with Chase

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Chase Utley comes back from his hand injury, and goes 3-5 with a homer and 2 RBI, as the Phillies beat the Mets (sad Metsy) 9-2. I guess some other stuff happened, but I ignored that noise. Oh, I did see that it was some sort of mascot function at Citizens Bank Park, so I entertained myself with that. Alas, I couldn’t find any pictures of the mascot hotness, but I did see that some Spartan was there, as was the New Orleans Hornet, and Li’l Red (yeah, whoever that is). Also, I heard Keith Hernandez wonder why the flowers in the bullpen were purple and not red. Keith, you’re so weird.

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The next best thing to a Mets victory is a Yankee loss, and I got one of those – a good one! The Tigers pounded the Yankees, 16-0. Mike Mussina, the bitchy little diva, lasted only 3 innings and gave up 6 runs. Guess what, Mussina, they’re gonna replace your ass with someone else – anyone else – in the starting rotation, because you’ve pitched like garbage your last three starts. A bunch of the Tigers hit well (as you can imagine), and Verlander pitched 7 innings, surrendering 3 hits and no runs.

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On the same day that Michael Vick pleads guilty to federal dogfighting charges, the Falcons beat the Bengals (more violence on animals?!) 24-19. Joey Harrington threw for 164 yards, good for 2 touchdown passes. Carson Palmer also threw 2 touchdown passes, and threw 136 yards.

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I love me some Federer.

And finally, the U.S. Open is now in full swing, with the usual cast of characters winning on the first night.

25 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The Race is on with Chase

  1. Mets lose! Phillies win! Yankees get cornholed! Happy day!

    The San Antonio Spurs’ mascot Coyote was there fooling around in the stands. Mr. Met was also there, and dancing around on top of the dugout before he was “carted off by security”.

    That Federer pic is lovely- he normally doesn’t do anything for me. But that? HOT.

    And today is like Christmas- it’s Red Sox-Yankees day! WOOOHOOOO!

  2. Welcome back Chutley! Last nights game rocked.

    That picture of federer is gorgeous! Usually I think he has kind of a mushroom face.

  3. Texy – Shouldn’t it be more like Hanukkah since that match up happens like 8 times a year?

    (Yes I know Hanukkah is all together in one week that also includes a “sock gift” night, but go with the funny.)

  4. Thanks for the props to the Tigers, it was beautiful to watch. And when are you going to give some love to our young cutie Cameron Maybin (recently called up from AA)? He’s only 20, and has braces, but find a picture of him and you’ll see how much potential he has…

  5. MMFC: he’s just a whiner. He has his routines, which he’s entitled to, but if so much as one thing goes awry, he whines about it after the game – and says that’s why he pitched badly. Also, when asked last weekend about the possibility of being dropped from the rotation, he has this positively bitchy response: “Who’re they gonna replace me with?”

    So very awesome (since he’s not on my team).

  6. Metsy, thanks. We don’t get that kind of info here in the sticks.

    We do have an unlimited supply of pine cones. Someone make me an offer.

  7. Metschick: Thanks for that site! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it. Yes, with shoulders like that, it is “only a matter of time” :-) (and I do love Granderson too, keep those pics coming)

  8. Can the Sox do us a favor and knock the Yanks around a bit, or a lot? Because the Tigers would really like to be able to fall back on the Wild Card, in case this whole biorymthic winning-losing with the Indians thing doesn’t go away quickly.

  9. I think Chutley’s homer got me pregnant.

    Metsy, I’ll be at the CBP tonight: Any messages you’d like me to pass along to D-Wright, Beltran, or Lo Douchebag? I’ve got plenty of dead batteries to write your notes on for you.

  10. Any messages you’d like me to pass along to D-Wright, Beltran, or Lo Douchebag?

    Just one: “hit, you stupid fucking offense, hit!”

    maybe now we can catch the Mets!

    Oh, silly Phils phans. Not gonna happen…

    But I still love y’all and your gorgeous park.

  11. chitowntiger- you bet! This September is going to be heart-rendingly spectacular, as I have three teams to cheer on to the playoffs. I have a real good feeling about the Cubbies!

    Cameron- TOTALLY agree on his mushroom face.

    And D? Believe me- the Sox will do everything in their power to kick the crap out of the Yankees. For us, for you- for AMERICA.

  12. I agree with Julie, lastnight was awesome.

    There were some Met’s fans still running their mouths after the game saying “Yeah, we’re still in first place!” so my brother was like “Yeah, well they lost tonight, who cares!” and the dude was like “Look at the scoreboard!” hahaha, burying himself cause then about 50 people got on him saying “We saw the scoreboard! Did You?!” amongst many other things that i’m sure i’m not allowed to type on here.

    Lastnight was one of the best times i’ve had at a game this year. Annnd, i’ve got a 9-0 record so far this season, haven’t lost one yet that i’ve been to! That’s gotta stand for something!

    Ok, i’ll shut-up now.

  13. Can I just say I’m so freakin’ happy that my trip to Philly from Michigan will be completed tonight by seeing the Utley? Granted, I saw him at Reading on Saturday, but YAY for him being back.

    And, of course, gotta represent for the Tigers. My dad and I were all excited when they beat the shit out of the Yankees. Ahh, another glorious day in baseball.

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