Can I have a lazy Sunday with Kasper Schmeichel?

This is my new Premier League crush, Kasper Schmeichel, goalkeeper for Manchester City. I know over here at Ladies we’re pretty new to the PL coverage, but even I have heard of his famous father Peter Schmeichel who is considered one of the best keepers ever to play the game.

Join me as I nurse my hangover, (Drinking and make your own corn dogs, what the fuck were we thinking putting about 15 guys in charge of a deep fryer? We’re lucky Santa Monica wasn’t burned to the ground.), as I imagine sharing a couch and the Sunday Times with Kasper.

Or maybe we could play some doctor…

Maybe get a little sweaty…

Maybe he can show me how he’s the one allowed to use his hands…

Yes,  I know it is all confusing sweetie. Just stand there for awhile and let me think of the rest.

11 thoughts on “Can I have a lazy Sunday with Kasper Schmeichel?

  1. The great thing is that he’s projected to be BETTER than his dad, and as a fervent hater of Manchester United, this makes me happy in all sorts of ways.

  2. Yes, better than his dad. And a Dane if I remember right. Other than the Fabergas goal Saturday he has been unstoppable.

    Someone needs to console him after the man city loss….

  3. Well played, ladies, Kasper is indeed the cutest goaltender… all that coordination and stamina at such a young age… the mind boggles. Have you seen Cudicini? Hot.Goalkeepers are the new black, fo sho.

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