Hottie Vision: ONE MORE DAY!

Only one more day before Chutley makes his long-awaited return to the big club! My friend Sue and I will be at tomorrow’s game, and I have a feeling the atmosphere at the CBP will be like Christmas, the Fourth of July and the last time everyone in attendance got laid all rolled into one.

To whet your appetite for tomorrow, here’s an itty-bitty Chase Utley in his Scranton Red Barons days yukking it up with Freddie Mitchell, his teammate from UCLA. The Pop-Up Video aspect of the clip is great, along with the cameos from Marlon Byrd and Brett Myers, to say nothing of FredEx’s guns.

7 thoughts on “Hottie Vision: ONE MORE DAY!

  1. I loveee that video. I am so excited to see chutley on the field again!!!
    oh, by the way on the reading philles website they have some great footage of chutley in high cuffed pants!


    Um…I’m about to leave for the R-Phils game. I’m seriously considering going to the Phils game tomorrow, too, provided I can get tickets.


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