Bringing the Heat: and TWINS!

The Minnesota Twins are kind of the Little Match Girl of the AL Central this year. They’ve got their dirty little faces pressed up against the window, watching the Tigers and Indians feast and be merry. The Twins are 6 games out of first place, which isn’t a ridiculous amount, but the Tigers and Indians just do not seem to give any ground. Also, their rotation seems to be……well…..Johan Santana and Pray for Rain. He has the third-lowest ERA in the American League. He has more strikeouts than the next two Twins pitchers put together. He’s a big ol’ studmuffin, but that’s about it. And here he is:

Luis Rodriguez……nice assets.

Scott Baker, do you need a hug?

Pat Neshek. We’ve talked about him.

HOLY. CRAP. Can he leave the gear on? Like the Hawaii football player?

Morneau? More, yes!

Ooooh, so angry. HOT.

Sweaty Joe Nathan? Mmmm hmmm.

Nathan, Morneau and Mauer.
Triple Threat! YAHTZEE!

Jason Bartlett.
Ditch the flavor savor and we’ll talk…..

Good defense is SO HOT, Torii Hunter.

Cuddyer? I hardly know ‘er!
Ha ha ha.

Tongue action.

Carlos Silva, so cute!!!

I’d get in the middle of the Hunter-Morneau sandwich.

21 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat: and TWINS!

  1. Talented, humble, and HOT? How could anyone not love my Twins! I’d take them head to head (or butt to butt) with any other MLB team any day of the week.

  2. So hot….want to touch the hiney. My buccos have no one hot, except i’m in love with Matt Capps. I have his picture in my pirate shrine on my desk.

  3. I just saw the twins yesterday and i took tons of pictures (i have the links, if anyone would want to see).
    I fell in love with a man named justin, and my good old ex-phillie nicky p.

  4. Can we discuss how Mauer has the best ass I have ever seen? No no, we need to. Every time I see a picture (shit, every time I THINK about it), I immediately start making grabby hands.

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