Hump Day Hottie: Suits

Our previous foray into athletes in suits seemed to suggest that… we love seeing athletes in suits. I mean, we love seeing non-athlete men in suits, too — but there’s something extra exciting about seeing athletes out of their everyday gear and into some spiffy duds.

After the jump, feast your eyes on a whole bunch of be-suited athletes. And give us your thoughts on the most difficult of questions: do they look better in uniform or in a suit?

Ted Lilly

LeBron James

Brad Ausmus

Rex Grossman

Josh Beckett (check the hardware)

B.J. Upton

Tom Brady

Cole Hamels

Reggie Bush

Todd Walker

Alex Rodriguez

Bode Miller

David Wright

Albert Pujols

New Orleans Saints

Chase Utley

Vince Young

Sidney Crosby

Justin Leonard

Andrew Miller

Carlos Beltran (ok, this isn’t a suit- but it’s definitely spiffy)

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50 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Suits

  1. Crosby is bold enough to go with a striped shirt AND a striped suit.

    My favorite suits are the LeBron and Reggie Bush ensembles- but I of course appreciate the simplicity of Beckett’s tux.

  2. That Phils pic is on billboards all over the Philadelphia area. I honestly don’t know how there aren’t more car crashes…I can hardly keep my head on looking at it.

  3. HAH! He himself has told us he is proportional.

    For serious, though- when he holds a baseball in his hand, it completely disappears inside his palm, so you can’t even tell it’s there. Look at a baseball inside your own hand- his paws have got to be double-sized. Same thing happens with Cole Hamels.

  4. Alex Rodriguez. Thud. Not a fan of the man, but having been lucky enough to see him in person in a suit, I gotta say that man is lovely.

    While a man in uniform is quite nice to look at, but put the same in a well cut suit and something about it just makes me want to rip it right off. Oops, did I say that out loud ;)

  5. that is a creepy ass picture of beltran, nice chains… too bad he isn’t showing off his mole a little more. definitely looks like this pic was taken in the “meat-packing” district of NYC

  6. Oh my Dear. Sweet. Jesus.

    Chase. Cole. David. Cole. David. Chase. I… I… I…*thud*

    Sometimes, there are no words.

  7. The Beltran picture was taken at the All-Star game party in Frisco that Big Papi and the rest of the crew was at. His fashion choices are way less heinous than the rest of them appeared to make.

  8. If I remember right, Papi’s jacket was red at that bash. But that’s Papi. He’s allowed to be his gawdy self. We love that about him.

  9. I just…I just don’t know what to say.

    TSW-I am now seeing the looks of Sidney Crosby. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long, but him in that suit…

    I might have to take an interest in hockey.

  10. ahh clare, please do. I’ve been meaning to go pick that up for a while now.
    that billboard, kind of makes me want to cry, and go to a phillies game…cept for brett myers, not exactly a hottie in my book.

  11. Texy, the size of the ring is dependent on the size of the hand. So if Beckett’s hands were smaller, the ring would be smaller as well. As a guy who has big hands and is lucky enough to have a championship ring, mine is bigger than some of the other guys on the team who have smaller hands. That just makes mine appear bigger.

    Okay, that entire paragraph came out wrong…

  12. As someone who goes to work most every day in a suit, few things bother me more than people who don’t take the time to properly tie a tie. It’s really distracting and detracts from the overall ensemble, in my opinion.

    Reggie Bush = well done. Josh Beckett = not so much.

  13. Reggie is rockin’ the aqua. That is not the easiest order. And I will always have a fondness for Todd Walker, but I’m not sure what to make of a Bode Miller picture wherein he doesn’t look all strung out.

    On Beckett’s hands: I thought, “Why don’t they give him a Sharpie or something instead of that rinky-dink ballpoint? Ohhhhh. That is a Sharpie.” Yeah. Those are big hands.

  14. Awwww, McBain- he has a hard time getting the tie right when he has such big paws to contend with. That, and I’m not sure he wears a suit too often.

    And I think Rexy is good looking. I know! What is wrong with me?

  15. I think Rexy looks very cute in that pic above. But then again, I loved Chandler and his multitude of sweater vests on Friends.

    Albert Pujols and his son are too adorable.

  16. I’d be embarrassed at my answer if someone were to tally up the number of times I’ve revisited this post to look at Chaseinasuit!

    …and Coleinasuit!

    …and Davidinasuit!

    But mostly Chase. Grr.

  17. It’s a toss up whether i like them in a suit or their uniforms better. Definitly the baseball players looks better in their uniforms.

  18. Days late and dollars short, but it certainly helps these gents to be fit and have the cash money for bespoke if they feel so inclined. And I’m entertained at Sexy Rexy and R Bush rocking the sweater under a suit coat – a general look I tend to identify with my grandfather, who wore a jacket and tie every day plus a sweater when it was chilly – or, in Scotland, about 75% of the time.

  19. Those boys are SMOKIN’ hot. Mostly. Not Sidney Crosby or Josh Beckett in my book… but it’s all good, the rest overcompensates. And YES Pujols with his son is soooo cute… Any sexy man with his kid(s) is cute to me.

  20. Mal- thank you, that means more Joshie Becketty-Boo for me.

    dctrojan- 99 times out of a 100, sweatervests are an absolute no-no. But Bush pulled that aqua concoction off in a major way.

    And I’ve finally decided: despite the heat in suits (particularly your tux, Beckett), I still think they look better in uniform.

  21. I hate albert pujols, he is the biggest baby int he world I hate him. During the brewers game he got mad because our pitcher pumped his fist but when his teammate got a double the guy on second was jumpping on the bag. His teammates were throwing there helmets. If you like him that is fine but I think he is a BABY!!!! GROW UP!!!

  22. Hey, don’t you see what you’re missing???? Ted Lilly is not only the sexiest but probably the nicest thing there is in baseball. And he loves animals!!! Give me a Cub any day!

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