Welcome to the Vajungle

Hookers Are Cool

That’s right. The Ladies… are the Deadspin guest editors this weekend.

You’re welcome to join us. Just look with your eyes, not with your hands.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Vajungle

  1. I’ll look with my hands if I damn well feel like it. Good luck with that though.

    Also, funny Phillie anecdote that you girls should appreciate: last weekend a friend of mine was out at a bar in downtown Philly and ran into Pat Burrell, Chase Utley, and a personal hero of mine and champion of metaphysics, Darren Daulton. Utley had a cast on his hand and a hat pulled over his eyes, and when my friend approached him and said “Hey, you’re Chase Utley”, he replied with “Nah man, I’m Allen Iverson.” Classic. Burrell then asked him “Where are your lady friends?” I don’t know Pat, where’s your fiance? Asshole. I’m just he’s hitting.

  2. Chase poses as another of my heroes. Love it. Now, if only he could drive Charlie Manuel crazy enough to form a two-headed dysfunctional championship (series) machine.

    With Cole Hamels as Dikembe Mutombo. Who wants to sex Hamels?

  3. Great work today on Deadspin Ladies… I’d post this over there but I’m not funny enough and my comment account never got activated. It’s OK though. Just wait until Leitch tries to leave a comment on my blog, then vengeance will be mine.

  4. @Clare: Continental Midtown. They can be found there relatively often, as I believe Burrell still lives on Rittenhouse Square and I know Utley lives at the St. James on 8th.

    You may now commence your stalking.

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