Bringing The Heat: Texas Rangers

When I was younger my father’s job transferred him to their offices in Plano, Texas. At the time (around age 13,14) I wanted to stay in South Carolina and be with my friends and family, etc.

I was such a fool.

There are many beautiful things of the male species that comes out of that great state. And I was an idiot to want to stay here. Don’t get me wrong, South Carolina is nice. But have you seen the ass that comes out of Texas with every team? It’s unfair. It is so unfair.

And while the Texas Rangers aren’t a team full of literal home grown talent, they still serve up some hottie goodness to the baseball world.

(Yes, I know Mark Teixeira doesn’t play for the Rangers anymore. But I’ve already done the Braves and he’s too hot to leave out of these “Bringing the Heat” posts. Plus he looked damn good in that uniform.)

Willie Eyre

I’ll make everything better for you Willie.

Kason Gabbard

Are you all hot and sweaty Kason?

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Look, I could put up more pictures of Salty. But I recommend you go back and view Texas Gal’s AMAZING work of the former Brave. This one is my favorite of the bunch.

Ian Kinsler

Kids aren’t my thing, but sick kids + Santa hat is a good combination.

Yes, that is a big stick you’re carrying Ian.

Michael Young

God bless the USA.

8 thoughts on “Bringing The Heat: Texas Rangers

  1. Not to trump any of the FINE additions you have for the Rangers, but you might want to check out left-handed reliever C.J. Wilson. :)

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  3. Kason + Jarrod = HEAT

    I now watch Rangers games- well, at least the ones Kason’s pitching- in hopes of seeing the two of them tag team it up.

    Michael Young is also beautiful, and those forearms of his are just… GUH.

    Ian Kinsler is a new hottie for me- thanks, SA!

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