We’re This Many!!

Friends, we can hardly believe it ourselves:
Ladies… celebrates its six month anniversary today.

(Artwork, as ever, courtesy of our incomparable Lady J-Money)

And what a ride. We’ve traveled into enemy territory, back to our alma maters, cross country to spring training, back home for Opening Day, seen legendary parks up close and raced to the bottom of too many pint glasses.

We’ve nursed all manner of inexplicable crushes in hilarious fashion.

We’ve taken to the streets and done a little spokesmodeling (step aside, Danbury Mint, and move over, Milano).

We’ve brought in guest stars from time to time, made ourselves at home elsewhere, and even gotten our parents in on the action.

We’ve seen grandiose plans exceed our highest expectations (this happened, right?) and crash in flames (let us never speak of this again).

And we’ve made it our mission to showcase the finest in baseball ass (and forearms!) from across the land, and to see that excellence is duly rewarded.

If you’re feeling indulgent (and who wouldn’t, after that cupcake?), join us after the jump for a highlight reel:








It’s been a true privilege, everyone. And this is only the beginning. Thanks for sticking with us, and here’s to you:




The Ladies…

45 thoughts on “We’re This Many!!

  1. Ladies…

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on a job (to be continued) well done…

    Even though I don’t share quite the same appreciation for the XY sporting chromosome, ya’ll have established yourself as one of the most collectively talented sporting blogs around.

    Please keep up the sublime work, as the ‘Blogosphere’ is certainly better off with your presence.

  2. Love the photoshopping on top, because really, who doesn’t want to see Aaron Rowand in a tux emerging from your baked goods? Could one of you explain how you coinded the term “bacon pants” by the way? I’m still not clear on that one. Congrats on the anniversary. And I think it’s time to show Russel Branyan some love. Clare and Texas Girl know what I’m talking about.

  3. 1. BACON PANTS IN A CUPCAKE?!?! – JMoney is a genius. Can I get one of those delivered for my birthday on Saturday, please? (and Branyan gets double scoops of love from me, Lionel)

    2. It is never a waste when beer is poured over a gorgeous ballplayer, StN. And holy hell is Jacoby Ellsbury gorgeous.

    3. Congrats and mad love to all my Ladies… you are all brilliant, and I’ve loved every minute of the past 6 months with y’all — except for the goddamned Hot Blogger nonsense. Why the hell did we do that, again?

  4. Hooray Ladies! What a wonderful blog – many thanks for the laughs and great blog entries.

    On a sidenote – I never thought bacon in a cupcake would actually look so good…

  5. Huzzah! I don’t know how you do all of this and still maintain jobs and lives, all while looking fabulous. I thought this site was a good idea but I had no idea what you were going to do with it. You’ve exceeded expectations every step of the way and the best is yet to come*. Don’t forget me when you’re (even more) famous.
    I’m going back to admire your work now.

    * Football

  6. Happy Birthday, Ladies…!

    Working with y’all these past 6 months has been so amazing.

    Here’s to the next 6 months!

  7. OK, the etymology of Bacon Pants is quite a stupid one.

    My roommate was making herself breakfast for dinner one night, and while she was frying some bacon, Aaron Rowand was at the plate. I was partaking in a post-work glass of pinot gris (or five) and I put the two meaty, delicious things together. And Bacon Pants was born.

    Six months old! We should be able to sit up without support and we’re ready for solid foods!

  8. Congrats Ladies!!!

    Love the site & can’t wait for fball season and all the hotties! (I myself married an OLineman, so I am deffinitely partial to the gridiron gods)

  9. A Bacon cupcake? Um. Sign me up!!! That picture is classic. GREAT photoshop.

    And regarding the beer spillage, it’s not alcohol abuse if it’s bad beer, right? It’s doing the world a favor.

    Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, Ladies…!!! And many more.

  10. Wooo! It’s a pleasure working with the rest of you. I honestly don’t know how I lucked out and got in this, but I’m glad I did.

    The is the most deliciously tempting cupcake ever.

  11. Rowand looks like Billy Bob Thornton and K-Fed had a kid.

    Other than that completely obsolete comment, I raise my glass and toast to another six months of this blessed place of man-ass worship. Thank goodness for, I don’t know, pretty much every male-run blog for posting enough female ass to not make me feel awkward about visiting here.

  12. Congrats ladies! Where would the rest of us girls be without you – thank God I work from home so I can ogle the boys all day!

  13. Congrats ladies on a great six months. You have given me a great something to look forward to everyday (especially wednesdays) and looking forward to many more great months.

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  15. Congrats and (please) keep up the great work!

    I was just thinking last week how you all seemed to have really hit your stride and the posts just keep getting better.

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