Hump Day Hottie: Rick Ankiel

So, this is today’s Hump Day Hottie. It’s a special one, brought to you by Lady Andrea. Texas Gal is tied up in a closet taking a short vacation and she was brow-beaten into is letting me fill in for her. Today, feast your eyes on my newest baseball boyfriend: Rick Ankiel. If you don’t know the story by now, I’ll direct you here, so as to save space for more delicious pictures. Rick is off to a great start, hitting .318 with 3 home runs and 6 RBIs through 5 games. He also seems to have sparked a team that had been looking completely thrashed. Cubs and Brewers, we’re coming for you. Also: Ankiel is hot. I’ve decided Christian Bale will play him in the movie. Feel free to give other suggestions in the comments!

Stripey socks!


Cute and goofy! A winning combination!

Nice arms, Anks!

I want to kiss the screen.

No, you’re the cutest!
No, you are!
No, you!

Mmmmm, arms……

Christian Bale? I think so……
*nods head*

He’s there to watch the grunyans run.

Why…..hello there.

Thanks to Texas Gal for the honor of stepping into her gigantic shoes. (Not that she has big feet. Her feet are totally normal, as far as I know. She just kicks 10 kinds of ass on Hump Day Hottie posts.) Also, the pictures were all her doing because she is the rock-star Goddess Vince Young Roger Clemens run-into-the-wall-like-Rowand of picture-finding.

27 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Rick Ankiel


    2. That underarm tattoo is intriguingly hot – perhaps we need to do a tattoos HDH.

    3. Those beach pictures, even though in a hideous shirt, DID ME IN. I surrender, Ankiel- you are smoking hot and you rock my world.

    4. I am now inclined to let Andrea do whatever the hell she wants, when she drops the triple-bomb of Young-Clemens-Rowand on me. You know the way straight to my heart.

  2. I don’t care what he looks like. He has a tattoo in One of the Best Spots Ever For a Man to Have a Tattoo ™.

    I kinda wanna lick it.

  3. What the pic of that tat? And could there be a cuter place on his arm for it? I must know about that tattoo.

    Andie, you’re making a very good case for me to favor the Cards more than the Cubs when I see them play on Friday.

    (That is if you don’t mind a girl in Pirate hat oogling your boy.)

  4. I love those striped socks – the whole team should have to wear their pants like that!

    I’m so happy for Rick – I was still living in Memphis when he came through the first time in ’99 and loved him then – I hope he makes it for good this time!


    That tattoo is totally lickable. Are you listening boys? Get a tattoo there!

    Thanks, Texy. You are the greatest for letting me pinch hit.


    Nicely done, LA. The come back kid is looking smoking hot in his uni. I do agree with Bursny on the Rico Suave pics, but uh, I can see the others just fine and he’s delicious.

  7. Clare – Thin skin, but all muscle underneath, which hurts less. Really, the only place that hurts is where it is bone-y.

    (This message brought to you by the Lady with four tattoos.)

  8. There seems to be a resemblance to the young up & comer – by which I mean jailbait – Zac Efron… the kid from Hairspray (and the High School Musical thing my niece loves yet I’ve managed to avoid).

  9. Ankiel is ten kinds of hot in these pics. yummy.

    Becky: I think Zac Efron is such a cutie. (And yes, I’ve seen HSM. Multiple times. Uh… my daughter seems to like it, yeah.)

  10. I’ve loved this man since I was 14 years old. I was just discovering the hotness of baseball. I have this 5 year old issue of ESPN the magazine that he was in I still love looking at it. I’m so glad he’s back!!!! I’m praying that all goes well for him.

    Screw the shirt, I’d do this guy so quick.

  11. He “rocks the socks”, has the killer tattoo, is smokin’ hot, in addition to the best comeback story ever. I was in STL for the game Sunday, and the stadium was just “a buzz” when he came up to the plate… it was like he was a cool fresh breeze on what was otherwise another crazy hot day in the Lou. He seems to have refreshed the team as well. I have been waiting years for Rick to make his triumphant return. Thanks for the killer pics Lady Andrea… RA definitely is the the cutest.

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