No, really, it is still football.

 To their surprise, the boys over at It’s Still Football recently found themselves holding press passes for the Arena Bowl.  To our surprise, TC and Joe agreed to photograph the prettiest players for our viewing enjoyment.  Take it away, guys…

Brett Deitz has already been mentioned as a possible Ladies… favorite [despite his wonky eye seen here…–ed.]. He’s the co-ROY, plays for Tampa Bay, and he brought Tampa Bay from a shitty team to a playoff contender.



Coach Darren Arbet of the San Jose Sabercats is generally a very cool customer.


Mark Grieb, MVP of the Arena Bowl is extremely squinty in person. We prefer to think of it as Laser QB Vision. We have a good serious interview with him… We didn’t ask the good question. We were just there. He’s a smart guy – he has a degree in biochemistry, so I asked why he wasn’t living in a volcano lair someplace, plotting.


Peter Martinez kicks for the Destroyers. He was a good sport.


Matt Nagy was nice to Joe during the interview.


Ben Nelson is from Minnesota, and played for the Vikings briefly. He talked to us for quite a while. Joe has a man-crush because he’s also from Minnesota. [While we have fundamental problems with the pose in this picture, we are equal opportunity oglers here at Ladies…, and the power of a man-crush cannot be denied. –ed.]


David Saunders, Josh Bush, and B.J. Barre are all on the Destroyers, and were having a pretty good time goofing off at media day. A bunch of Destroyers started doing the Gator chomp at Barre (dismissed from OSU) after he got cocky with one of his media day answers.


Jason Shelley also plays WR for the Destroyers, and we tried to get him to trash talk, saying “we’re bloggers, nobody’s going to read this, you can say what you’ve always wanted to say.” He didn’t bite.


No, never a dull moment at the Arena Bowl, particularly when you go autograph hunting:


The comedy of this exchange was when he got done, he was all proud of himself for about 10 seconds, and then said “OH, SHIT: I spelled ‘dreams’ wrong!” and then Charles Frederick made fun of him.

At least he’s pretty, right, girls? 

13 thoughts on “No, really, it is still football.

  1. Thanks for letting us play in your sandbox, Ladies. I sort of threw together my notes in a hurry, so I decided to let the pictures do the talking…

    Chitowntiger, you might enjoy this then:

  2. I’ll emerge from my hole in the ground under a large office-shaped rock to defend Brett’s googly eye – these are all screen-grabs from my less-than progessive scan DVD quality camcorder. I tried to grab the screen with the best smile for you lovely Ladies… and didn’t really notice the eye, which probably came from him whipping his head up to look at the camera.

    So far as Ben, not to be totally man-crushing, but he wasn’t posing in that screen grab – he was half-listening to me babble about God knows what and wondering why TC was bothering to a) tape the conversation, and b) tape it from 15 feet away and to the side. Also c) who the hell I was and how I obtained a press pass, and why I thought he’d give two shits about the Vikings QB battle-royale between Jackson and Bollinger.

    Thanks for playing, Ladies…!

  3. Ha Ha, “TheStarterWife” I love the whole Dairy Queen Date Thing with the dietzer! I could see it now he feeds you and you feed him. You get a little ice creme on his nose and your forced to lick it off his nose. A little ice creme a little
    kissey poo with a cute jock. Sounds like a hot date!!

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