Hit & Run

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Cal Ripken, Jr., was tapped by Condi Rice to be the U.S. Public Diplomacy Envoy. The administration wants him to spread the lovely to motivate through his integrity and iron man work ethic. About the appointment, Ripken said: “This is not a political statement for me necessarily. This is about the kids, and planning, you know, using baseball for good reasons.” Someone should send Ripken to the Middle East to solve that thing.

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Puerto Rican boxing legend Tito Trinidad is stepping back into the ring, for a bout against Roy Jones, Jr. Both are on the comeback trail, but with Tito having the advantage in years (he’s four years younger than Jones), I give the nudge to Tito. Well, that and because Tito’s Puerto Rican. Gotta support my Caribbean brother.

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Cap’n Jeets saved the game, after Mariano Rivera blew the save, in the Yankees 7-6 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. With a well-placed grounder, Jeter knocked in the winning run, scoring Melky Cabrera. The Yankees were also celebrating A-Rod’s 500th HR (A-Rod also hit his major league-leading 39th HR):
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The Boston Red Sox kept their four-game lead over the Yankees, with a 3-0 win against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Tim Wakefield pitched 8 scoreless innings of 2-hit ball, and Jonathan Papelbon pitched a hitless ninth, including two Ks. Red Sox Nation breathes easy. For now.

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Richie Sexson was The Man for the Seattle Mariners, hitting a walk off homerun to propel the Mariners over the Twins by a score of 4-3. Richie really isn’t that cute, but hitting a walk-off makes you hot, at least for a day. Because of that win, the Mariners and the Yankees remain tied for the Wild Card lead.

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And in foobaw news, the Iggles lost to the Baltimore Ravens (sorry, Clare), and the Denver Broncos beat the San Francisco 49-ers. At least the Niners are coached by Mike Nolan, a hot older man if I’ve ever seen one.

30 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. I’m a diehard Cowboys fan and can still agree that Mike Nolan is a hottie. And the 11th best dressed man in the world? Come to mama!

  2. I don’t know what Sexson looks like normally, but with those forearms, I’d say he’s hot for at LEAST more than a day…

  3. TG – Has nothing to do with the Sox-Yankees.

    More to do with his latter Pirate days / immediately after he left the Pirates.

    Gagne should just give it up. I thought he was done after that last surgery, and he seems to be just a mess to the league post-Dodgers.

  4. Much like T.O. on the Cowboys, I wipe the slate clean for my boys when they join my teams. Plus, Wake is easy on the eyes as well. And he’s a KNUCKLEBALLER- how can I not heart a knuckleballer?

  5. Burnsy: Clare & I established that he’s clearly declaring his love for Jay Z’s latest album.

    And as the only Lady… with a kid (and one that was delivered via c-section), trust me – none of us devote any time to thinking about baby delivery.

    (I am the only one with a kid, right? Right?)

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  7. You needed Nolan in a suit. Polo shirts & sunshades means businessman’s holiday, going to Score’s (“a high-class establishment”, according to a Briton Harvard student I knew while in Spain) after a difficult three-hours at the negotiating table. So. Not. Hot. (But at least he’s not wearing sweat-pants to the strip-club.) But, yeah…

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