Hit and Run – I guess I have to talk about this Bonds thing

But first…

Ladies’ favorite Curtis Granderson hit a double in first inning (Ed. note – seen fielding) giving him 30 doubles, 15 triples, 15 homers, and 10 14 steals so far this season. Congrats Curtis! Keep it up boys! I want to see Sean the Tigers make another run this Fall.

The Ladies got play over on EDSBS! Be sure to check out Drunk Ladies: Cocktails For Your Team 2007! And for the record? I loathe USC, but no one is going to care about my college football team, including the students.




I have watched more Giants games in the past couple of weeks than I care to admit to and the one night, the one night, I go out to see a band that a friend had asked me to go and check out this band the Mystechs Bonds hits the fucking thing. Which I find out by a txt message that reads, “756. I may owe you for this.”

All things said and done, the band was actually really good, (the girl had good pipes and the guys were super high-energy fun, so check out the MP3s for “Bitchslap”, “Sweet666teen”, and “Groundpounder”), and after a shared drink with a bouncer who was also upset he missed the homer followed by night’s sleep I don’t feel so bad that I missed the hit anymore.

My feelings on Bonds don’t run very deep. He doped. Lot’s of players that are in Cooperstown doped. Selig could have fixed this a long time ago and didn’t, and if he had any self-respect he’d step down in the off season since he’s so upset by Bonds. (Fucking classless that he stuck his hands in his pockets on Saturday night. Bonds has directly contributed to the increase in your personal wealth Bud, clap you jackass.)

For some better reading on Bonds, please check out Signal to Noise’s 756 post, J-Red from East Coast Bias’s 756 post, and Popjock’s 756 eBay sale.

And finally –

OK pretty boy, your little snit-fit over wanting top ten draftee money is over, time to show up for camp. I hope at your first day at practice (how many days late?) the OL all stands up at least once so you can get the sack you deserve.

25 thoughts on “Hit and Run – I guess I have to talk about this Bonds thing

  1. And that’s the last time you’ll check out a band that Curtis Granderson recommends while you both share a laugh over Brady Quinn’s craziest outfit yet: an NFL uniform.

    (I feel my speed reading course is helping me immensely.)

  2. I was very fortunate to be at the Giants game last night and also in San Diego on Saturday. My husband had to be out here for a business trip so we just picked a few games to go to. It was very exciting to see baseball history – no matter who did it. I don’t like him one bit but I was overcome with emotion thinking this man just hit his 756th home run! But Hank Aaron’s speech is what sent me over the edge, what a classy man. And it was cool to see Willie Mays in person!

  3. KCMichelle, wow that’s awesome that you guys just randomly selected those two games. And I agree, regardless of the awkward circumstances, seeing history is still sweet.

  4. Know how I know it’s football season? TSW’s Steeler Bias is showing again. :-p Where are your insulting words aimed at Jamarcus Russell, who is still holding out?

  5. Andrea, I saw him in person at the Navy game (I splurged for the second row)…it was a glorious day to see Brady (and Zibby!) up that close. Hose me down!

  6. TSW, it’s true that there is no such equivalent Browns gear because orange and brown is really ugly on almost everything. :-( I just am starting to get really protective of Brady Quinn; the man has yet to throw one pro football pass, and everyone’s already getting on his case. (Maybe my Browns Bias is starting, heh.)

  7. McBias, my high school proudly wore (and still wears) brown/white/orange..actually, when I was there, the football team wore the exact same uniforms as the Browns. Ive liked the Browns since then.

    And Im sure it would be considered “racist” if someone gave JaMarcus shit for not being in camp.

  8. I posted a snarky Brady Quinn is a doo doo head post last night. heh. I will not hold your loathing for my USC against you as in all other areas as far as I can see, your taste is impeccable. lol

    Barry Bonds. I have not, despite effort been able to work up the energy to care. Fine. He did it. Someone was gonna. And he will have the asterix next to his for TEH bad drugs he took. Hank Aaron remains the true, pure HR champ

  9. I just gotten home from babysitting and turned on the tv to see the homerun. The only thing I have to say is that the Giants and fans handled it well. I am happy that it is now over so everyone can move on.

    I loved that the fan that caught the ball was a mets fan that decided to go to the game at the last minute. Also he had a lay-over in San Francisco and was on his way to Australia.

  10. Hey Pam-

    Since the 1am LA earthquake has me freaked out (87, 89, 94–enough!)–and photobucket down for maintenance, i did a little image search for you… a couple random shirtless brady pics at these links:

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