Hit & Run: Did anything happen last night?

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Robbie & Melky, so perfect together…

Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera went 3-4, from the ninth hole, in the Yankees’ 5-4 win over the Blue Jays. This win brings Andy Pettite’s record to over .500; he also won consecutive games for just the first time this season. The Yankees have the best winning percentage in the Majors since the All Star break. (I prefer the Yankees of May.)

And I just have to share these pics:
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Becks – aren’t you supposed to be in LA?

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Tigers third-baseman Ryan Raburn hit the go-ahead single in a 4-run 7th, helping the Tigers snap a 5-game losing streak, with a 6-4 win against the hapless Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Ryan’s a hottie, so he gets the coveted Picture above The Blurb (and there’s side-tongue!).

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Andrea’s Cardinals tied a major league record by getting 10 straight hits in a 10-run 5th inning, beating the San Diego Padres 10-5. Even the pitcher, Braden Loser Looper (sorry, old habits die hard), got in on the fun, with 2 hits. That’s good enough to bat 5th in the St. Louis lineup.

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This is Brad Hawpe. When he’s not off killing deer, he’s hitting homeruns for the Colorado Rockies (he already has 19 of them this year). Another Rockies hottie, Matt Holliday, hit one out, en route to a 6-2 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

16 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Did anything happen last night?

  1. I may be vilified for this, but Ive been holding it in for too long: I dont find David Beckham attractive. He’s way too skinny, and too feminine.

  2. He is in Toronto because the Galaxy is playing the Toronto soccer team. Since the Yanks were playing the Blue Jays, the whole Galaxy team went to the game.

  3. Lauren:

    Wow, the caption under those pics (on yahoo! sports) mentioned that. I just remembered now when you said it.

    I’m slow.

  4. With recent call ups Raburn and Tata, even the Tigers’ recent losing streak can be tempered by hotties. Hooray!

    Not really, but at least we are getting cuter… Granderson used to be about it.

  5. As soon as I saw the side tongue action, I knew you Ladies would be all over it. Ahem.

    Even sometime pitcher Vasquez can get on the Tiger Hottie train.

    And I find everything about Beckham attractive, even the fact that I could probably break him in half. But mostly his devotion to his kids and barbie wife.

  6. the colorado rockies, i respect that team those guys killed my sox in interleague play…and made the yankees roadkill…too bad the team is run by idiots they would have a huge loyal fan base…and yes some seriously hot men…

  7. He allegedly cheated with a woman who worked for his management company or something like that – she was British. Rebecca Loos – which I will remember to my dying day because the tabloids had a field day with “Loos = Loose” puns.

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