Men In Suits!

Chelsea and Armani…two great tastes that taste great together:

The team will be equipped with a single-breasted, two-button navy blue crease resistant lightweight wool gabardine suit, with flat-front, straight-legged trousers and a fitted jacket with pronounced ‘Roman’ shoulder line.

These will be worn with pale blue cotton shirts from the Armani Napoli range.

Players will also get a new club tie, a navy blue polo shirt which can be worn as an alternative to shirt and tie, a dark brown mock croc belt and brown suede half boots.

What does this mean to the sporting world? Not a whole lot. To us, however, this development is of crucial importance for one reason: An excuse to post a shot of a bunch of hot athletes in suits.


(HT to our darling kleph for the story, and additional article with a bunch of Spanish words and a naked dude holding a soccer ball.)

12 thoughts on “Men In Suits!

  1. Re: that other article and the various soccer players in various states of undress. I would note only that if Pippo Inzaghi’s inability to wait for passes until he is onside and subsequent protests at being called offside are indicative of his other, ah, timing and control issues, then he should be excluded from hump day hotties lists with extreme prejudice.

  2. Those are sharp suits and I’d love to have myself one.

    BUT, Chelsea is not a taste that goes great with anything. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s a taste that induces vomitting.

  3. Beingsven, that might explain the nylon raincoats – very splatter resistant. As for the suits, I hear that the inner pockets have Sibneft FC labels, and a piece of scrip for some rye bread and a good kicking. Just as a reminder for the consequences of failure…

  4. When I see a jock in a suit, my first reaction is to want to throw up. There is something grotesque about jocks wearing suits. It’s obscenely pretentious for these neandertals to clad themselves in fine suits to pass themselves off as urbane and civilized. Whom are they kidding? It wouldn’t be nearly so bad if they looked good in them, but they look awful in them.

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