Hit and Run: And I’ve got issues (yeah)/Like I miss you (yeah)

Yesterday was a pretty lousy day in the sports world — lots of pining for things gone missing — so let’s make this quick.

Kevin Garnett breaks the hearts of T-Wolves fans and becomes a Celtic.

BOTH Phillies right fielders Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn were placed on the DL yesterday. Texas Gal and I will miss their speed on the basepaths.

Sad news out of Phoenix: A police report states that drugs, drug paraphernalia and a loaded handgun were found in Rod Beck’s home on the day he died. Very unfortunate indeed.

Rawlings dumps their sponsorship of the beleaguered Michael Vick. He’ll miss the scrilla.

I leave you with some cute sleeping puppies in order to get the crappy taste out of your mouth.

13 thoughts on “Hit and Run: And I’ve got issues (yeah)/Like I miss you (yeah)

  1. Since I refuse to think about the Fightin’ Phils and their injury plague…

    I had no idea Kevin Barnett was still around. Shows how much NBA I’ve followed in the last 5 (10?) years…

    Also, boooo Vick. Hooraaay puppies!

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