Hit and Run: I get misty

After countless stories about naughty QBs, naughty refs and naughty baseball players who don’t sign enough autographs, it’s high time for a few happy stories from the sports world, don’t you think?

Let’s start with the cherubic Jon Lester, who won his first start after an abrupt departure from baseball last summer, when he was diagnosed with cancer. I’m no great Red Sox fan (please don’t hurt me, J-Money) but I admit I teared up when everyone in the Red Sox dugout went over to hug and congratulate him after he finished six strong innings, allowing two runs, three walks, and six Ks. I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE.

The Houston Texans’ Ahman Green is a stand-up guy: This week, he made good on a promise to put down the down payment on a home for a single parent in exchange for his jersey number from teammate Jason Simmons. The best part about the story is that the recipient of the down payment, Regina Foster, doesn’t know anything about football, and isn’t a fan of the Texans.

Finally, here’s a cute story from the NASCAR world: Brent Sherman took six years off of racing to serve in the Air Force. Now he’s trying to get back in the driver’s seat in the Busch series. (Please forgive that terrible pun.)

6 thoughts on “Hit and Run: I get misty

  1. Awwwww…..

    You know, I was thinking about this just last night after all of my “GO STEELERS” chanting. I’m really happy that we have blog that is all about being “fans”, (like the at-bat music post), and”happy” and “hotties”. Being critical and snarky sports fans 24/7 would be exhausting, and not every enjoyable after awhile.

  2. Ahman Green’s gone & done better by a woman he doesn’t even know than he did by his wife. Oh, the ironing.

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