Bringing the Heat: The Toronto Blue Jays

The last Canadian MLB team, the Toronto Blue Jays, is 11 games back in the American League East and is 10 games back in the Wild Card race. Things aren’t looking so good for the Jays this year, but they’ve still got plenty of hotties to feast your eyes on.

Let’s start with their Hottie Hurlers on the mound…..

Roy Halladay, 11-4 with a 4.15 ERA.
Good ass too.

Casey Janssen,
Steely gaze.

Brandon League: No record, no saves, 5.14 ERA.
At least you’re cute!

Dustin McGowan
Whatta Georgia peach.

Dustin McGowan, part II:
Electric Hottie Boogaloo

Josh Towers
I’d climb your tower….

Josh Towers, in action 

Looks like they’ve got some great hurlers, but let’s see who they’ve got striding to the plate….

Troy Glaus, 3B.
The Canadian Rolen, I say.

Aaron Hill, hitting .279 with 56 RBIs.
He’s not scratching himself, I swear……

John McDonald.
Does he have a farm? E-I-E-I-O!

His name is Rios and he dances on the sand….

Also, we cannot forget the Rogers Centre.  I happen to think it is a neat stadium.  It also happens to be the site of this girl’s second MLB game.

18 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat: The Toronto Blue Jays

  1. I’m sorry, Ladies…, but I can’t get behind the Toronto Blue Jays ever since The Joe Carter Incident.

  2. You’d think I’d know these things considering that between TSN and the CBC we get pretty much every freaking home game. God I hate the Blue Jays. But I love SkyDome… er… umm… the Rogers Centre.

  3. No “the”! No “the”! Just — SkyDome.

    You don’t call Cher, The Cher. You don’t reminisce about your first time on e at a foam party in The Ibiza. You don’t play The Baseball.

    For the best, no preposition required.

  4. I choose to believe that Toronto is being punished for their decision to unceremoniously dump the Pulaski Rookie A affiliate right before the season, leaving the team with no affiliation, and the Appalachian League with an unbalanced 7 teams instead of 8.

  5. McGowan is totally hot- it’s too bad he has chosen to obscure that hottness with the worst facial hair scheme in all of baseball. And that’s saying something, considering the horrific facial hair choices these guys make.

  6. Por favor, Tejana! No se puede derrogar la barbita de McGowan. Los pellizos de la barbilla, si. Pero los <>? Nuncamente (de ahorrar el spanglish de mi amiga antigua mormona).

  7. Ladies, I am so glad somebody is recognizing that hot-ness that are the Jays. They get so little love around the MLB world, which is such a shame. The world doesn’t know what they’re missing out on. Thank you for bringing this pressing matter to the world’s attention.

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