Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Following in the footsteps of Hotties Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, NBA Hottie Lebron James has been announced as the host for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live in September.  It is possible he parlayed his recent stint on the ESPYs into a gig hosting SNL when he parodied Bobby Brown by singing “My Lebrongative.”  Hmmmm.  Well considering the current state of SNL, Lebron should fit right in.  Kidding!  I think Manning had a very funny episode and Lebron could definitely produce something awesome as well.  [Please Let Him Host Weekend Update]

Golf Hottie Tiger Woods is off to a right fine start at the Open Championship.  The lucky bloke eagled the par-5 6th hole and to that I say, “Well done, old chap!  Cheerio!”  Tiger is currently sitting at -2 par through 18 holes, which has him tied for 7th place.  He has bested fellow golf hotties Luke Donald and  Retief Goosen by one stroke, with the Justin Hotties lagging behind, as it is +3 for Leonard, +4 for Rose, +7 for Kehoe and Bob’s your uncle!  Update:  Swarthy Spanish Hottie Sergio Garcia is leading through 18 holes today at -6.  Good show, ya dodgy crumpet!  Have a good time on the links old boys, and when you finish with 18, don’t forget to snog your bird. Toodle pip!  [Turn the ol’ Telly to the Beeb and See the Fellas I Fancy]

Cincinnati Reds Hottie Ken Griffey Jr. went 2-for-5 in yesterday’s last night’s win over the Atlanta Braves, but the first hit was all he needed to become the 84th player in history to get 2,500 hits.  Between the 2,500 Hits Club and the 600 HRs Club, Junior’s having himself a nice little season.  The Cincy win also marked the first 3-game sweep of Atlanta by Cincinnati since April 1990.  Wow.  The last time Cincy swept Atlanta, I was giving my Barbies butch hair cuts and melting army men in my grandparents’ fireplace.  Despite Old Man Smoltz’s fanning 11 Reds in 7 innings, the Braves could not pull it out.  The game went to 15 innings, clocking in at 4 hours 31 minutes.  [Can You Imagine What Kind of Records Junior Would Have If He Didn’t Get Hurt All The Time?]

I wanted to do something on College Football hotties but the top news stories read like this:

What a sad state of affairs!  So instead, here are some of my favorite pictures.  Also, cause Holly wanted some hot baseball ass:

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