Hottie Hit and Run: We’re in the money

Hello errbody! Clare here, pinch hitting for TSW on Hit and Run duties.

Mad scrilla yo!

He’s got a lot of what it takes to get along: At 7:25 this morning, psychologist Jerry Yang was crowned braceleted the champion of the 2007 World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas. He took home the coveted Corum WSOP bracelet and $8.25 million. Not a bad ROI on a $225 satellite tournament buy-in. My dad, The Starter Wife, and just about everyone else in the world knows more about poker than I do, so I’ll let some commentators better versed than me in Bullets, Big Slick, and Dolly Parton tell you what Yang’s victory means for the “sport.”

Not to be outdone, my dad (you might remember him from Father’s Day) cashed in a World Series event this year: He came in 124th at the senior event and won $1300. I’m quite certain that my “good luck today, hope you beat all the other oldsters” text message I sent him the morning the tournament started was what did the trick.

But wait! There’s more!

He only wears the coolerpants on days that end in “y.”

J.D. “The Real Deal” “Coolerpants” Durbin notched his first major league win and his first THREE major league hits in a 15-3 pasting of the Dodgers in Los Angeles last night. Bacon Pants and the Slowcamotive went yard, and Ry Ho went deep twice. Save some of that offense for this afternoon, fellas!

Naughty naughty from the Tour de France: cyclist Patrik Sinkewitz of Team T-Mobile of Germany failed a doping test when abnormally high levels of testosterone were found in his blood. I know you have to wear a bright pink cycling jersey, dude, but shooting yourself full of testosterone is not the way to feel more macho. Maybe you should try going hunting. Nice legs, though.

8 thoughts on “Hottie Hit and Run: We’re in the money

  1. Last nite, Chase Utley got to second-base — literally, I mean — for the 39th time this season. Any chance he breaks the single-season doubles record (67, I believe)?

  2. Must…resist…crappy…”second base”…joke…

    Chase Utley wouldn’t need an entire season to get to second base with me 67 times!

    God, I am such a hack.

  3. Rest assured, I am not disappointed at your hack move. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have added “literally, I mean”.

    Now, I’m off, to go comtemplate defying the logic of our sexx laws with Alison Stokke.

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