Bringing the Heat: The Kansas City Royals

Oh, the poor Royals. They are lagging behind in what is arguably the best division in Major League Baseball. The Twins, Indians and Tigers are mired in a 3-team race for the division title and (probably) the Wild Card, while KC is just excited when a few thousand fans show up to a game. However, lack of a winning record does not mean a team is devoid of Hotties.

Ross Gload slides home. He has 15 HRs Runs and 24 RBIs on the year.

Edited to add:  a wonderful video I cannot believe I left out.


Mark Teahen (left) and Russ Gload.
Teahen has been a pleasant surprise on one of my fantasy teams,
as he’s hitting .290 with 43 RBIs and 47 runs scored.

Mark Teahen gets a forearm bump.
Damn, he looks so modest and sweet…..

Joey Gathright (right) shows his pearly whites….

Gathright makes a diving catch in center.
He’s hitting .315 this year and has 5 stolen bases.

Brian Bannister makes a funny face!

Brian’s been solid,
with a 3.71 ERA.

Mark Grudzielanek, former Cardinal, but current Hottie.

Grud gets congrats after driving in the game-winning run.


Last, but not least, one of the Hotties of KC is the stadium.
Kauffman Stadium was the sole baseball-only facility built in the
majors between 1962-1991.


The park’s best-known feature is the fountain and waterfall display behind the right-field fence. At 322 feet, it is the largest publicly-funded fountain in the world. There is a 10-minute water show after every game. Kauffman Stadium is also the locale
of your writer’s first Major League baseball game.

Just for Disco Stu:

Thanks for reminding me, DS.

23 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat: The Kansas City Royals

  1. I was at the Royals-Indians game in Cleveland on Saturday. I would tell you if any of Royals players looked cute, but the zit-faced punk working the ticket counter wouldn’t sell us anything in the lower seats.

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  3. Mark Teahen fills out his pants very nicely.

    The organist at Kauffman Stadium is CLUTCH. I could hear snippets of him during the Phillies-Royals series earlier this year, and on one game, you could hear him play everyone out of the stadium with “Summer Wind.” That’s brilliant.

  4. I’ve been to Kaufman once, Bo Jackson made a great diving catch, that’s how long ago it was. Very nice complex there, with Arrowhead next door and all. I’m waiting for the Royals to announce they need a new stadium to “maximize revenue streams to build a winner blah blah blah” and all that nonsense when billionaire owners want to fleece taxpayers.

  5. Woops, hit submit too soon. Kaufman was also the site of the greatest catch in major league history, the Angels’ Jim Edmonds over the shoulder diving catch.

    Yeah, I’m an Angels fan, what’s your point? :-)

  6. @ Henry Holland: They are in the process of a huge renovation at Kauffman – we didn’t want a new ballpark, this one is too nice! And Clare, yes, the organist is pretty awesome!

  7. I love Kauffman. In college, I was halfway between KC and STL, and I was always much happier to roadtrip to Kauffman for games than to Busch. Their fans were nicer, the food was better, and, of course, I didn’t hate the team.

    And, is there anything hotter than a guy laying out to make the catch? Well, maybe him doing it naked.

  8. Henry, my favorite catch is an Edmonds catch too. The one two years ago when he reaches over the wall to rob (I believe Ausmus) of a HR and comes down with such child-like glee on his face. It’s awesome.

  9. Also the site of my own first Major League game. Of course, I lived about 25 miles from KC at the time, so it was also the site of my 2nd-35th major league games as well.

    I love “The K” (back in my day, it was Royals Stadium!) I do, however, wish they had not pointed the outfield at the interstate. The semi trucks flying by tend to distract the eye.

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