Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Alright, so this is a day old but it bears repeating: WTF were you thinking Tuesday night LaRussa? You’ve got the best hitter in baseball twiddling his thumbs on the bench and you don’t put him in? You save him for extra innings? Well, you know what? You don’t get to GO to extra innings if you don’t tie it up in the 9th! And who agrees with me: Cardinals Hottie Albert Pujols. He was more than a little annoyed at not getting put in the game and you know: seriously. Why haul your cookies all the way to the Bay to ride the pine? I’m sorry, Albert. Take heart: Tony is not a hottie and you are. MOUAH! [Warlock Benches Prince Albert. Booooooo.]

The Carolina Panthers have gone and signed NFL Europa and Bobsled Hottie Philippe Gardent as a linebacker. Gardent, who is a hottie in that fling-me-over-his-shoulder-and-climb-the-Empire-State-Building kind of way, has been a standout linebacker for the Cologne Centurions (how awesome is that for a football team name?), recording 77 tackles and 1 sack in 2007 to help the Fightin’ Centurions finish first in the league. Also, before he played for Cologne he was a competitive downhill skier and was a member of the Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys national bobsled team. Huh. Not something you see every day. [“Cool Runnings 2: the NFL” Coming to Theatres in 2008]

NBA Hottie Chauncey Billups has decided to remain a Piston to the tune of 5 years and $60 million. Wow. The contract is a guaranteed $46 million for four years with an option for a fifth year. Billups has helped take the Pistons to five consecutive conference finals and appears to be looking to take them to five more. After falling to Cleveland last month, he was quoted as saying, “Everyone knows I love this team, this town, being a Piston,” so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise. But it’s always nice to see a franchise guy stick around. Also, look how cute he is!!! [Billups Staying in Detroit to Make His Layups]

Yeah! I’m a Piston 4EVR!

Hockey Hottie Teams the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings are set to open the 2007-08 NHL season with a two-game series in London, England on September 29th-30th (DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! TO LONDON!). The defending champion Ducks are taking the Stanley Cup back to its birthplace. The Cup was purchased at Regent Street silversmith G.R. Collis & Co. 115 years ago, making it the oldest trophy in North American sports. I think this is cool. I’m not always sure why sports do this, but in this case it kind of makes sense. [Do You Think ESPN Will Send Anybody Over to London to Cover This? Yeah, Me Neither.]

11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell LaRussa was thinking with that move.

    Don’t get me long, I love Aaron, but…Tony, you’re a BONEHEAD!

  2. I don’t blame Albert for being pissed. I was going for the AL and I was wondering when Albert was going to warm up.

  3. Not that I enjoy when the Cards are struggling, but, well, I do. Has LaRussa been taking crazy pills? He has been off his game (to put it mildly) since the DUI. I’m wondering if leaving Pujols on the bench shows much bigger problems in STL. My dad (a lifetime Cubs fan) adores LaRussa for some reason, and even he is saying that Tony should retire.

    By the way, it’s really going to suck when I start my new job next week and can’t spend as much time on Ladies….

  4. Chitown, it’s okay to enjoy it. I enjoy it when the Cubs are struggling. I only root for them once it’s the post season (I like to root for whatever team(s) make it from the NL Central).

    A little birdie in St. Louis has kept me pretty well informed about goings on (he tipped me on the Maroth trade way before it happened) and it sounds like Tony’s done after this year. The buzz is that Girardi may not have turned down the Orioles for the Yanks, he may have turned them down for the Cards. Guess we’ll see….

  5. The Centurions are invading Carolina!
    The Panters also have DE (2007 NFL Europa defensive MVP) Jason Hall from Cologne.
    I hate to sound alarmist, but soom we might all be speaking German. Maybe they can at least audible in German.

    Thanks for the laugh. I haven’t heard a Surrender Monkey blast in a long time.

  6. Yes, MissBlueSky! Whether you look at it as a specatacle for fan enjoyment, or a very serious attempt to gain home field advantage, either way, that’s a solid-gold Pujols moment.

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