Becksiest Man Alive: The Ladies… Endorse:

“I’d be honored if I were Ladies… endorsed. That’s the gold seal of approval these days.”

Deadspin commenter, musician and all-around funny guy TattooedMess(iah) is our choice for Becksiest Man Alive. TattooedMess is a 19 year-old hunk of burning love hailing from the great state of Florida. His ultimate goal is to be a recording artist and to own his own record label. He has a great blog going on and he also writes his own music. Here at Ladies, we appreciate a good sense of humor, ambition, and nicely defined V muscles, so we’d like to endorse him in the Deadspin Becksiest Man Alive Contest.

Tattoo’s vitals:
Status: Single
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 6’3 (or “Tall Enough for Lady Andrea”)
Weight: 175
Tattoos: 4
Piercings: Do you really wanna know……?

The Ladies… say:

Clare: That boy is 120 pounds of pure JAILBAIT.
Metschick: The law tells me that’s legal. And that’s good enough for me.

TSW: Can I brand him? Maybe by clawing up his back or something?
Texas Gal: If you brand him, I’ll bring the spurs. The scruff and the fuck muscles have rendered me mute.

SA: I just bought some whip cream and chocolate syrup. I think I could put it to good use.
Holly: He seems like more of a savory guy to me. By which I mean I’d eat him off a cracker.

Andrea: I would like to lick all manner of sweet treats off of his abs. Bend it like TattooedMess(iah), indeed.
J-money: I wouldn’t kick TM out of my bed even if he’d just killed a deer in it.

So I hope Deadspin is listening because they should just call off the contest right now. Not only is TattooedMess(iah) a hottie and a decent ringer for Becks, but is also 10x hotter than David Beckham will ever be and doesn’t have a praying mantis traipsing around behind him. For more about David Beckham, click here. But don’t say we didn’t warn you….

19 thoughts on “Becksiest Man Alive: The Ladies… Endorse:

  1. So am I allowed to comment on this post? I hope so, ’cause I just wanted to express my thanks once again to the Ladies… for their awesomeness. This bump has pretty much assured me victory, unless one of the Mantis-offspring gets wind of the contest and enters. Then I’ll have to just become a hermit.

  2. *Jaw-dropping sound*

    Never has a torso tattoo looked more delicious. And he’s just 4 years younger than me, so that’s legal, right?

    (By the way, thank you for this site! :) As a sports gal, I definitely peruse the entries on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!)

  3. Redhead: My thoughts exactly. Too young to date, but old enough to tie up. Jesus, TM…I’m headed to Myrtle Beach first thing in the morning, if you want to get out of Florida for a few days!

  4. It looks like he’s taking that picture in a hotel room or in his parents’ room…both scenarios are equally creepy.

    That’s funny. Both scenarios sound appealing to me.

  5. Ladies, I have been a longtime lurker, but I must speak up.

    That boy is FINE. Between this and the Beckham pics in W, this has been an exceptional week for girls who like boys with tattoos. Well played, very well played.

  6. What part of Florida? I can be there in an hour I dont care how far it is away from me…I could do bad things to him (bad in the good way of course)

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