The Field Is Set. And It’s Full of Hotties.

The wait is finally over. After Miggy Cabrera got hurt and had to pull out (ahem) of the Home Run Derby, and Bonds and Griffey declined to participate, the Derby roster was up in the air. Now we know. The final slot for the Home Run Derby was just filled, and everyone can now look forward to the presence of smokin’ hottie Matt Holliday, in addition to recent additions Albert Pujols and Alex Rios (who were added over the weekend). Thanks to MLB for picking the most scrumptious forearm-y picture of Matt for the headline photo:

Plus, the starting pitchers for Tuesday’s game have also just been announced- and it will be hotties Dan Haren (AL) from the A’s and Jake Peavy (NL) from the Padres taking the mound. Yet another reason to tune in.

We’ll be liveblogging the Derby tonight – so look for a post detailing all the hottie highlights tomorrow. And for the definitive guide to all the All-Star Hotties, check out Lady A’s post.

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10 thoughts on “The Field Is Set. And It’s Full of Hotties.

  1. Dear previous boyfriends who have tried to get me to watch baseball,

    You couldn’t have just shown me a picture of Matt Holliday?


  2. You know, I was thinking to myself earlier that live-blogging the home run contest would probably be the most boring thing on earth, but with a Ladies… slant to it, it actually makes sense.

  3. Haren w/ or w/o beard? If the former, when does the content-sharing arrangement with “American Grizzly” begin?

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