Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

MLB Hotties the Colorado Rockies have done something that no baseball team has managed to do since 1956: they swept two New York clubs in the same season. The Rockies swept the Yankees a couple weeks ago and then last night took the Mets out behind the woodshed to the tune of 17-7 to complete the sweep. The last time a team did this was when the ’56 Milwaukee Braves swept both the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the same season. Tap the Rockies, indeed. The Ladies salute you. [Boys in Purple Pinstripes Top Gangs of New York]

Golf Hotties Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are apparently mending fences, as Phil sent Tiger Woods’s new daughter Sam a miniature ping-pong table as a Being Born gift. One of the biggest gossip tidbits in the world of golf in recent years has been the enmity between Lefty and Tiger, but apparently they have had many “spirited” ping-pong matches during the Ryder’s and President’s Cups. Those golfers sure know how to party, huh? Out of CONTROL. But it’s nice that Phil sent a two-week old a ping-pong table. [Get Her Started Early. Ping-Pong Domination at the 2028 Summer Games]

Tennis Hottie Rafael Nadal has advanced to the Wimbledon quarterfinals, coming back to beat Mikhail Youzhny in five sets today. Youzhny is one of only three players to have bested Nadal twice in the last year, but his back started giving him trouble and Nadal emerged victorious. Nadal’s matches have been taking approximately 3 days to complete due to rain delays, but he has finally advanced. Nadal is trying to become the first man to win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year since 1980. [Ignore the Funny Expression and Look at His Arms. Woo.]

Basketball Hotties Kevin Durant and Jeff Green, the 2nd and 5th overall picks in the NBA draft, officially signed with the Seattle Supersonics yesterday. Durant will make about $7.2 million his first two seasons and Green will bring home about $5.2 million. So, you know, hopefully that’s enough. As we all know, Matt Geiger was able to parlay his years in the NBA into, basically, Dollywood, so hopefully this will be enough dough for the fresh-faced, 18 year-old Durant and the able-to-legally-drink-in-a-month Green. [Seattle Shells Out the Big Bucks for Rookies]

15 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. Ok, to be honest I am not really familiar with the hotness of the Rockies roster…but any team that sweeps the Mets, is sure as hell hot enough for me!

  2. (I’m hiding, Cameron. Because I think Metschick is going to be mad at me. The next Metschick Hit n Run will probably be about how the Cardinals couldn’t beat most high school teams this year)

  3. You know, turns out there actually are some hot guys on the Rocks’ roster. I thought they were like the Angels – negative on the hot scale – but turns out there are some cuties.

    They’re no Oakland A’s, but they’re no Angels, either.

  4. Why do you hurt me so with your anti-Met posting?

    Phil and Tiger keep this up, they’ll soon be swapping wives.

  5. UNW: they deserve to be ridiculed! Swept by the rockies?! After playing so well (and the Rockies playing abysmally?!). No excuse.

    And finding “in action” pics of tennis hotties is hard because their facial expressions in said pics are usu. scary.

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