Hottie Hit and Run – Wet and Wild Wednesday

Yes, it is very hot outside.  Would I like to go swimming? But Mr. Webber, I didn’t bring my bikini.  Bra and panties?  I guess you’re right, they are basically the same as a bikini aren’t they.

(Big thanks to the lovely and talented Leave the Man Alone for sending in this hot pic. Let this be a challenge to our readers; It is summer time and I demand to see more athletes in bathing suits, so send in what you got!)

Hottie Kiwi Skipper Dean Barker and Team New Zealand are making for some of the most compelling racing in the America’s Cup, as they have taken a 2-1 lead over current champs Team Alinghi of Switzerland with Tuesday’s racing seeing 15 lead changes and one Kiwi almost lost to the sea. Ernesto Bertarelli of Team Alinghi is already complaining about the conditions in which yesterday’s races were held, so I cannot wait to wake up Wednesday morning and see how the course and the crews are handling the start of Wednesday’s racing.   You think I’m kidding, but I SQUEED! and clapped my hands when I read Alinghi’s quote comparing Tuesday’s result to a trip to Vegas.

(Last time I talked sailing I noted it was news that probably only I found hot or exciting.  Turns out, I have company.)

Go Team Kiwi!

And finally , (yes, ice is frozen water), Penguins’ top draft pick Angelo Esposito arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday for the first day of conditioning camp at the team’s Southpointe facility.  Depending on who you ask, the Pens either got a steal with a former #1 prospect dropping so low in the draft, or they got an elite player who’s work ethic is somewhat suspect. 

Either way,  if the Penguins keep adding hot 19 and 20 year olds to the roster at the rate they are now, I’m going to be forced to move home just so I can camp outside the Igloo everday.

9 thoughts on “Hottie Hit and Run – Wet and Wild Wednesday

  1. So ladies, I need to know…

    there’s a summer high school football camp going on here at Rutgers, and I drive past it every morning. Sometimes they’re doing the drills shirtless. Now, I’m 24, but I couldn’t help but notice that some of those kids have fine bodies. I realize that these are 16-17 yr olds for the most part. Do I need help?

    PS. thumbs up on Angelo! I will now proceed to disliking him!

  2. Ernesto Bertarelli is a whiner, the only reason they one last time was that they bought most of the last Team Kiwi. Perhaps I have a bit of a bias, but I am pulling for those Kiwi hotties!

  3. How the hell did the Swiss learn how to sail? The largest body of water in the whole country is about the size of a bathtub at your standard Steve Wynn Las Vegas hotel room. Shenanigans! I think they’re pulling one of those ONE CRAZY SUMMER/John Cusak manuevers of installing an Italian sports car engine in the rear of the boat and then having Bobcat Goldthwait throw the sucker on at the appropriate time.

  4. Pam,

    I had the same issue while watching the NHL draft. I’ve been watching it for years but never noticed how young the boys are until now.

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