Hit & Run: The Loooong Edition

I was going to start with the Mets’ win over the Cardinals, but I found these pictures and just had to share at least one:

Aw, Tiger looks so happy!  You can find more at Tiger Woods’ site.  Sam looks so cute, and not unlike a little meerkat.  And I say that as someone whose own newborn looked very meerkat-ish.

Ahem. Onto your regularly scheduled hotties…

Okay, that’s it – I’m done now.

I know the Beavers won on Sunday, but I need to throw a little love their way.  They became the first team in a decade to win back to back (and both against UNC), and the fifth team overall to do that.  One of the assistant coaches, Kurt Steele, got married on Saturday, and had this to say after the game on Sunday:

“Those two things, right back-to-back – how do you like that?  I thought yesterday was the best day.  I can’t say this is better, but it’s close.”

Heh, he was this/close to saying that winning was better than getting married.

The Man for the Mets last night.

Shawn Green ended it with one swing last night against the Cardinals (that’s 4 in a row since the ECPP.  What magic have we wrought?).

The game was 1-1 till Green’s walk-off thanks to Jorge Sosa and the Mets bullpen and Mike Maroth and Ryan Franklin.   Since Sosa’s ugly, and Maroth is definitely not, let’s ogle him:

How did I never know how hot this guy was?  Sure, his career ERA is 4.81, and he was hurt recently, but damn, look at his eyes!

And, of course, it just isn’t a Mets/Cardinals game without the obligatory photo of this guy:

Clearly, he’s been practicing with the Wizard.

In other MLB news, Ben Sheets pitched 6 innings, allowing 1 run  on 5 hits against the Houston Astros, for a 6-1 Brewers win.  Prince Fielder also hit his National League-leading 26th home run.  I have a thing for Sheets, so roll with me.


Roger Federer rolled over his latest opponent in Wimbledon action yesterday.  Ho hum, what else is new?  I know not everyone likes Federer, but his total domination makes him hot to me.  And he’s flashing sweet forearm action here.  If only he were sticking his tongue out in concentration, this picture would be perfect.

Allegedly, the Los Angeles Galaxy want Posh to cheer for her husband – on the field.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

“It’s this long!”  (yes, I’m 12.)

Finally, in happy news, Yao Ming is set to wed his long time girlfriend later this summer.  Her name is Ye Li, she’s 6’2″, and they’re clearly going to have babies that will take over the NBA in 20 years.

Told you it was going to be long…

21 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The Loooong Edition

  1. Alright, the pic of Maroth and the Warlock joke take the sting out of losing a 1-1 game in the 11th inning.

    You know what would’ve won it? If Scott Rolen had been playing.

  2. It doesn’t matter who St. Louis gives up in return for Maroth. They are gonna come out way ahead (in hotness and ability)

  3. MMFC: thanks for that link. His two boys are adorable! And he and his wife make a very cute couple.

    Ladies…, go check out those pics, there are some yummy ones of Mike.

  4. Maroth? Is adorable. Reading through his website, he seems more than a little geeky, and way more than a little in love with his wife and his kids. He takes his kids on weekly trips to Disney World? He listens to 80’s music? He makes a mean grilled cheese? ADORABLE.

  5. Posh Spice is so shiny I just want to sandpaper her face so it wouldn’t reflect the sun so brightly.

    What especially cracks me up about the Posh-as-cheerleader bit is that “people have been talking about her legs”. Yeah, they look like twigs about to break, that’s why people have been talking about her legs.

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