Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn was in fine form for the August cover of Men’s Health magazine. For a funny take on this (funnier than my take anyways), go on down to With Leather. But then, come back!

More pictures after the jump.  (FYI: I didn’t shrink the pics – I wanted to leave them in their splendid glory for you guys.)


And because we’re nice, here are a few pics of Brady Quinn throwing out the first pitch at an Indians’ game last week:


Last, but not least, Quinn’s EAS ad in Men’s Health:

For the Men’s Health interview, go here.  For the Brady Quinn EAS ad, go here. For a 4 minute video interview, go here. They also feature a bit of the photo shoot and it’s gotten a bit hot in here. 

 Wow, that really got away from me.  That takes care of your Hump Day Hottie for this week.

 I’m kidding!

(Sorry for writing so little to go with these pictures, but I figured with pictures like these, who’s going to be reading what I wrote anyways?)

39 thoughts on “Brady Quinn

  1. Yep. Same thing I said last night-

    His weak jaw line kill it for me. Need a man with a square jaw.

    And the fact that he’s wearing a Browns jersey is a deal-breaker. (Cannot. Wait. For. Steelers. Sack. Of. Quinn.)

  2. I never noticed- but you are absolutely right. His chest, arms and legs are all completely hairless. I know that’s normal for an Olympic swimmer- but it’s kinda weird for a dude to have no hair on his arms and legs.

    His abs are delicious, however.

  3. awww Metsy, I can’t believe you went there. Brady is the second coming of Joey Harrington (and that’s not a good thing)

  4. Hmmm…still not sure about the face, but the body is killer…it almost looks like they pasted his face onto the body on the cover. But that picture of him throwing the ball at the Indians game is mighty cute…

  5. Wow, I never realized nor ever really looked but there is no hair on that guy except the stuff on top of his head.

    I’m sorry, he’s just a little bit too much of a pretty boy for me to support him.

  6. The face is okay, but the body!

    And while I’m not esp. fond of the waxed look (esp all over your arms and legs), his body def. will make me overlook that.

  7. I won’t lie, my dislike of him is probably 95-99% out of jealousy (see: most ladies [and Ladies…] opinions of him) but I still don’t like the pretty-boy-as-football-player thing. In other sports, it’s not as big a deal. But that’s just me though.

  8. Oh, Brady (swoon). Too bad you’ll be spending more time on your back this season than a Vegas Showgirl. And by “Showgirl”, I mean “Hooker”.

    I have, however, saved the soaking wet Brady image for further, uh hem, research on this whole hair thing. In the end, I think my largest problem with him is he’s a Golden Domer, which is just too bad, really.

  9. Sick of hearing about him because I live in Indiana and had to live with the Notre Dame. BUT…he does seem like a pretty good guy in interviews and has a nice body!

  10. I’ll defend him with my last breath. I’ve lived in four college towns and met a good chunk of D I football players. Brady Quinn and Nate Kaeding are my favorites. Very nice young men.

  11. I used to loathe him with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that was because he played for Notre Dame. Since he’s otherwise inoffensive, I am indifferent now that he’s gone to the pros… but if I were batting for the other team, I’d have a hard time reconciling the adonis-like physique with the dork-next-door face. Assuming one bothers to look at his face, of course.

  12. This is an advertisement for gay porn, right? Because don’t real men have hair and stuff on their bodies? And most men who pose whilst being doused with water are themselves about to be doused in KY and mistakenly deliver a pizza to a men’s correctional facility.

  13. ok brady quinn is the hottest guy i’ve ever seen on this whole planet. & i don’t care what people say about grady sizemore being hotter, brady quinn is thee hottest.

  14. I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had time to catch up with the Ladies …

    Damn I’m glad I did.

    I’ve already professed my love … err … lust for Mr. Quinn, so this made my day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a moment alone.

  15. that’s no photoshop job, brady totally shaves his entire body. arms, legs, etc. i recall during a game last year the announcers were talking about it and clearly didn’t realize how ridiculous they sounded. brady gives the whole ‘makes me feel faster’ excuse why he shaves.

  16. he used to be a model. most modeling agencies require no hair. probably liked it and kept it. probably increases comfort in his pads…who knows?

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  18. omg brady is the hottest guy on the face of the earth!
    his abs are super hot!!!!!!!!!!
    and his face is hot too!!!!!!
    i LOVE brady quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. He has prominent and anatomically correct veinage in his arms. Makes him look very powerful. I love that look, and he really has it!!!!

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