East Coast Pants Party Wrap up: Is everyone accounted for?

Yesterday dawned bright and early. From my constant checks on weather.com, I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day. But I had no idea the hilarity that lay ahead.

Baby Mets and I left at noon for Queens, the land of the New York Metropolitans. Even though she wasn’t attending the festivities (do you know how hard it is to get a fake ID for a two year old?), I took her with me to Queens to drop her off at her aunt’s house. Once that was taken care of (weee, a baby-free 48 hours!), I headed off to the Mother Ship to drop off my car. From there, onto the 7 train!

I got to Lounge 47 at 3 pm, and was pleasantly surprised to find a group already there, including the Big Man, Will Leitch himself. As the alcohol flowed, people trickled in and group introduction were made multiple times. I was very nervous about meeting everyone, but I definitely shouldn’t have been; I should’ve known that Deadspinners are all cool. We had a blast at Lounge 47, and then at 6 pm, we all headed out to Shea.

Getting about 20 people onto a subway proved easier than I thought, even if the ride back to Shea felt longer than the ride out to Lounge 47. Once we were all in (after a few trips to my car to stash some bags), the fun really began. There’s no way to describe watching a ballgame with about 25 hilarious people. I must have laughed during the entire game. We even had a surprise guest – Dan Shanoff! The guys almost made a few tweens cry – don’t worry, they were pissy tweens. When the scoreboard welcomed “Deadspin Pants Party” to Shea, we went nuts.

After the game, our huge group split in two – one went to the Upper West Side, the other went to downtown Manhattahn. I was with the UWS crew, and the fun and drinking continued at The Big Easy. (Okay, guys, this is where I’m candid with you: I only had two beers and a shot last night. I knew I was going to be getting back to Jersey at some time, and I didn’t drink so I could drive. That’s why I remember all this so clearly.)

Anyway, I just got a call to go out to eat, and I’m fucking starving, since all I’ve had since lunch yesterday is some Cheez Doodlez (THEY ARE A MOST DELICIOUS SNACK). I just want to thank everyone who made it out for the East Coast Pants Party. I had a blast, and I hope you all did too.

For pics, go here to see PeterCavan’s pics, and here for mine. Andie, lemme know when yours are up, so I can link those as well.

Two ladies… meet. Clare, you’re next.

And here are several accounts of last night, all funnier than mine: And Here Come The Pretzels, BoL’s story after his blackout, and PeterCavan’s report.

Update: Well, the Mets are 2-0 3-0 have won 4 straight since the Pants Party. Have we brought them the same magic that the Nats got after the DC Shadow Pants Party?

32 thoughts on “East Coast Pants Party Wrap up: Is everyone accounted for?

  1. I am sorry I couldn’t make it last night. My back has been bad this week and I’d be crippled for weeks had I gone. Looks like I missed a great time and a Mets win.

  2. The woman in the third photo down, front left, appears to be scared for her life of the Deadspin Group. Look at the way she is clutching her bag.

    I’ve looked at all of the photos posted so far and it appears all who showed had a great time at the ECPP.

    Serious consideration is being given to an Atlanta Pants Party on Friday, July 20th against the Cardinals at The Ted. Hope a great many of my fellow Deadspinners can make it.

  3. Finally– FINALLY– my proclivity for stupidity will make me an internet superstar. I propose the next move be giving me my own show. It’ll be like Jackass without the whitebread violence. It will just be me, fucking drunk as hell, negotiating my way to Astoria from various spots in the city.


  4. Good to see that my first picture with Will features my extra Jewish nose and my awesome habit of closing my eyes whenever a camera is on me.

    ps. Beer > crappy Jaeger bombs

  5. I went to Saturday night’s Mets-A’s game too. My friend and I sat in the alcohol-free section, which was just fine with me. The next section over had a big fight that got started when one guy in an Auburn shirt started yelling at the guy sitting behind him who’d been cheering loudly for a few innings. Someone got shoved, beer got thrown, and the whole group got thrown out. And Paul Lo Duca nearly killed the umpire. Where were those fireworks on Friday night?

  6. If need be, Pete, I could’ve beaten the living shit out of those 11-year-old girls. All you had to do was ask. And then Lo Duca would have fucked them.

    Fireworks just need someone to light them, is all.

  7. My weekend binge didn’t end until 3:00 this morning. my body rejects me at this moment, this could take a while.

  8. I have very little to be sad and/or disappointed about right now, but looking at the pics and reading about the ECPP, I’m a little bummed I couldn’t be there.

    All the more reason for me to go to a grad school on the east coast, so I can finally participate in one of these things.

  9. I’m glad that these pictures exist so I can remember at least part of the evening…I took a few as well. I’ll get them up eventually:)

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  11. that was a way fun time. LA and metsy, it was nice meeting you.

    i went to yesterday’s game as well, and i’m perfect at shea this season. i think the mets need to buy me a special seat for every game.

  12. Metschick, it’s always interesting putting together Deadspin names with actual faces, thanks for providing the pictures. I especially was amused by Cavan’s picture of Rob I with the two ladies.

  13. The woman in the third photo down, front left, appears to be scared for her life of the Deadspin Group. Look at the way she is clutching her bag.

    I actually think she was with us. Well, not with us, but with one of the Pants Party participants.

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  15. Excellent, sportsgirl365, I hadn’t really noticed you or Sal Dawg on deadspin before, so I had no idea who you were. Like I said, I enjoyed the picture, although maybe I should have been more honest and insert “envious” instead of “amused” in my comment above, ha.

  16. Thanks for the kind words on the photo descriptions Ms. ladyandrea. I finally DO have a commenter name. Oh, it’s on.

    And Becky, I also did not see Deadspin on the scoreboard. I wouldn’t have believed it without the photographic evidence.

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