Hit & Run


Congrats, Tiger!  His wife, Elin, gave birth to a baby girl, Sam Alexis Woods, early Monday morning. I’m sure the baby’s beautiful.  Where do I ship my gift

My favorite Formula One hottie, Lewis Hamilton, won again on Sunday.  However, there’s already talk that he may “quit Britain” because of privacy concerns, and not money. Yeah, right, you know it’s all about the benjamins. Lewis, listen to me: Cash rules everything around me. Learn it, live it, love it.


On Father’s Day, David Beckham played his last game for Real Madrid. His team won the Spanish league title for the first time during his four-year tenure there, even though Becks left the game in the 66th minute because of a recurring ankle injury. He’ll be joining the Los Angeles Galaxy sometime mid-July. TSW & Holly wait with bated breath for the Beckhams’ move to Hollywood.


In other soccer news, the U.S. defeated Panama, 2-1, in a sloppy win. Carlos Bocanegra scored the game winner, after being playing poorly for much of the game. Eh, he’s hot, he can do whatever he wants.


Coco Crisp had a great day at the plate yesterday, going 4-4 with 2 HR, in a losing effort for the Boston Red Sox.  Dammit, Red Sox, beat the Braves!

6 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. When Coco Crisp used to play on the Buffalo Bisons (AAA) another guy on the team was named Milton Bradley. Yeah, true story, I can’t make that up.

    And luckily for Madrid they had Reyes on loan from Arsenal to play the game of his career. It’ll be interesting to see who wins in the fight for Beckham, Holly or TSW

  2. Um, not mention of the Indians beating the Phillies?

    Thank you to Tiger and Elin for not picking some douchbag name like other celebrities.

  3. Hmm. Move to a haven for tax exiles, populated largely by young men and women exchanging their hottness for cash, or stay in the UK? Decisions decisions.

    As for Beckham, word on the street (Fleet Street anyway) is that Cruise and his minions are trying to work on him via Posh, but not even she is buying what they’re selling. And if you’ve seen her frequently diabolical fashion choices, that’s saying something.

  4. Flying Ace: the Mets’ recent woes have mellowed me. At 2 am, it didn’t feel right to mock the Indians’ thrashing of the Phillies.

    It feels right now. Tee hee.

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