Subway Series: Round Two, Game 3


Dear El Duque,

We’d like to congratulate you on your recent completion of our program. As evidenced by your performance on Sunday night, we are confident that you will truly represent our organization.


The Glavine School of Pitching

When I said that Sunday’s pitching matchup favored the Yankees, I had no idea how much. The pitching performances were like night and day with Wang coming in one out shy of a complete game. Combined with the solid offensive performance by the Yankees line-up, the Yanks were able to sail away with both the game, and the second Subway series. While the Mets and Yankees each walked away with three wins between both series’, the Yankees have really been able to turn the team around, gain a lot of ground in the division, and head off on a road trip with two well-played wins.

Thanks, Mets. See you in the playoffs!

“Bow to your master,” Wang said.

The only consolation is that the Subway Series ended up tied, 3 games apiece.  That’s all right and good for the bragging rights of the series.

However, it’s disheartening to see the Mets continue their downward spiral.  Last night it was El Duque’s turn to stink it up on the mound.  And the offense of course obliged by producing only 2 runs.  (At last view – I gave up on the game and started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Baby Mets.  Definitely more entertaining than watching the Mets continue their offensive futility.) 

As for meeting up again in the playoffs, this team doesn’t seem like they’ll even sniff October, let alone get to the World Series.  I do have faith that they’ll turn it around, but I also fear that even if they do make it into the playoffs, their offensive holes and pitching woes will provide a fast exit. 

But I just have to keep on cheering – “LET’S GO, METS!”

Man of the Game

Clearly, Duque’s mind tricks aren’t as
powerful as La Russa’s.

Sigh.  What else can I say?


8 thoughts on “Subway Series: Round Two, Game 3

  1. My niece and nephew LOVE the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! As a single guy, that doesn’t work too well, though the ladies love it when I sidle up to them in the bar and ask them if they would like to see my “Mystery Mousketool.”

  2. No way! Right about now, Mr. Met is whoring around with mannish mystery blondes in an affort to medicate his misery.

  3. Metchick,

    As we discussed elsewhere, the Mets are just unwatchable right now. Is this coming from guy who watched the 1977-1983 and 1992-1993 versions of the Mets.

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