Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, Step right up and greet the Mets…

I may be a homer, but the Mets have some serious HOTT on their team. Join me as we go up and down the lineup of the New York Metropolitans.

Jose Reyes may not be a classically handsome guy, but there’s something about him. His smile is infectious (in a good way!) and he plays the game with such joy. He’s my favorite Met.

Carlos Beltran is one hot Met. He has dimples to die for, a beautiful mouth, and runs like a gazelle. Now if only he began to hit like Carlos Beltran again.

The D-Wright love is well documented around these parts. I wasn’t going to include any pics of David, since he was just named the Hump Day Hottie last week, but I love this picture: that smirk, the laughing eyes, and (of course) the forearms!

Carlos Delgado hasn’t been playing like Carlos Delgado lately. But he is still one good-looking man. He (like a lot of the Mets) has a great smile, and works the bald head like nobody’s business. Now if he could just hit a few homeruns.

Paul Lo Duca isn’t just a cutie; he’s a fiery player. I think Captain Red Ass definitely needs to have a throw-down in the Mets clubhouse – someone needs to light a fire under their asses.

John Maine is a pretty normal looking guy. But there’s something about his smirk. And of course, when a normal guy puts on a uniform, you know the hot kicks in.

Honorable mentions:

Mr. Met – the hottest mascot in the pros.

Omar Minaya – the hottest GM in NYC

24 thoughts on “Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, Step right up and greet the Mets…

  1. You may be a homer, but that doesn’t mean you’re not right.

    Every single one of these guys is a hottie- even that stud Mr. Met. One of these days, I’m going to do a post of nothing but DWright tongue pictures.

  2. even my grandmother says she doesn’t care that DWright is not Jewish and she would kill for me to marry him anyway…
    and we are Yankees fans.

  3. I’ll give you D Wright…but…thats about all I can give you. And no! Its not because I’m a phillies fan! Ok, Beltran is a little cute, but Lo Duca is a little scary.

    Ok maybe its because I’m a phillies fan.

  4. Where’s your appreciation for that nice Jewish boy Shawn Green? It’s a shanda that you show no love for him.

  5. UNW: I think Shawnie’s cute. But I had to curb myself. I could’ve been there all day posting cute pics of most of the Mets.

    Plus, like billyfabs says, that shaved head did him no favors.

  6. No love for Joe Smith? or Ben Johnson??

    And Lo Duca has charisma. He’s even more attractive in person. I can tell why he gets all the ladies (okay, besides the uniform).

    Will, nice one.

    The thing about Beltran that got me was – he was hotter after he shaved his head! really. I swear.

  7. i was also thinking joe smith, but i have a puzzling Country Rube Overwhelmed By Big Cities fetish, especially when they throw nasty sidearmed junk

  8. I was ever so happy with the recent Tigers-Mets series. Hometown boys, including Granderson (curtis, call me) vs. unquestionably the hottest team in the majors. Then we followed with the Phillies and the delight you call Bacon Pants. Meow.

  9. i’ll give you jose reyes. he’s SEXY!!
    && maybe carlos beltran cuz he’s smile but thass it everyone is is NOT cute!

    why isn`t carlos gomez on this list?!
    he’s cute…way cuter then paul lo duca!!

  10. carlos gomez! of course. he’s like a younger version of beltran. very tall and cute in person. he’s a bit flirty too. :)

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